10 great baby shower gift ideas


Your  sister or your friend has just given birth to a baby but you have no idea what to buy as a present? Let’s make a list and see what Tipsmom has chosen for you. Hope that you can get the best gift.


One of the most practical present for a new born is diaper. As you know, a baby needs to be changed diapers a hundred times each month. Thus diapers are extremely indispensable, and the mother surely will love your gift very much.

2.Head Pillow

New parents should keep an eye on their new born as he/she is lying in order to avoid flat head syndrome. Buying a head & neck -support pillow as a present would be a great idea; these pillows can help prevent flat head and very supportive as feeding the baby.

3.Baby Sleep Positioner

Choosing a colorful and softly baby sleep positioner is another good idea if you want to buy a practical present.  This kind of pillow is not only a decor for the crib but also very effective in protect the baby’s sleep. Using this sleep positioner, head and back of the new born is kept straight and he/she will not startle as sleeping.

4.Travel Bassinet

You should consider buying a travel bassinet as a present for the baby shower. It is easier for the mother to carry her new born anywhere with this product: go home from the hospital, go to the grocery, go shopping or see the doctor…and the baby’s sleep will not be interrupt.


Stroller-TipsmomStroller is an essential gear  and also the best selling product for baby.  With a stroller, parents could be more easier to take their new born go shopping, go for a walk or anywhere without carrying the baby all the time.

This is such an amazing gift for a baby shower. You should browse carefully; consider all the functions and branches before deciding to buy one.

6.Colorful toys

There is such a huge range of toys for baby and new born nowadays. Depending on your expense, choose suitable toys that are useful for the baby’s senses development. Plus, buy one with high quality and safe material.

7.Baby Clothing

Clothes are easy to buy as a gift because of the diversity of designs. Ask the mother for an appropriate size and go shopping!

8.Frame – Photo Album

If you are not interested in diapers or clothes, try to find something unique such as photo frames and photo albums. They will sure be meaningful presents for both mother and baby.


According to researches about children, the conversation between parents and new born through short stories from books are good for the baby’s development of language. Thus, buying a fairy tale book with pictures or short stories book is such a great choice. However, reading too much after giving birth is harmful for the mother’s eyesight. Warning her about it and let the father do the reading.

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10.Bath toys

Besides normal toys, you can also choose bath toys as a present for the baby shower. It can be ducks or colorful small balls. These toys can make the baby love bath time more.

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Choosing a baby shower gift is not too difficult but time consuming because there are too much selections. If you are not a pro in baby gear or  want to save time, just pick one from the list above. Have a successful day of shopping!

You have another good ideas in choosing gifts for baby? Do not hesitate, leave a comment for everyone to know about it!

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