10 great toys for enhancing cognition and physical development in children

 10 great toys for enhancing cognition and physical development in chindren

The best way to draw children’s attention is to give them a colorful toy. Moreover, many kinds of toy actually can enhance physical skills, cognition for children and make an effective playtime.

1. Bicycle for children:

A small bicycle let your children play in natural space and help them be more clever, active and cognitive. Riding bicycle since small can make children feel self confident; it develops balance skill and strength, too.

2. Alphabet with pictures:

This device is very useful for children to learn new words. These alphabets teach them everything: animals, plants or daily items…By playing with alphabet, children can raise their language skill and word vocabulary. The alphabet with colorful picture will help them learn more easily.

3. Clay modeling:

Clay modeling is one of the best game for children to arouse artistic ability and physical skill. Drawing and coloring skills are also included.

4. Puzzle:

Puzzle games develop physical skill in children. While playing puzzle, children learn how to brainstorm and experiment.

5. Picture book:

They are best tool for children for learning language and communication skill. Interesting colorful books make such an impression on children and help them memorize better.

6. Stuffed toys/dolls:

These small friends will help children learn social skills. Children consider them as real characters and treat them with real emotion.

7. Word puzzle:

When playing with a word puzzle, children will learn how to think logically and solve problems. This game also enhance the combination between physical activity of hands and eyes.

8. Doll house and kitchen set toy:

Children have to create different scenes and circumstances to play with these toys. Children will be encouraged to follow their dreams as well as developing creation. They also learn how to deal with each circumstances in real life.

9. ABC alphabet:

The ABC alphabet contains letters and numbers, is very useful for you to teach your children how to talk. It is not only teach children about letters, numbers but also about sounds, colors and shapes.

10. Paper folding craft:

A set of paper folding craft will encourage your children to do something on their own and boost their self confident. There are many kinds of craft sets with clearly introduction and guide. Children also learn how to keep patience in every activities to create something.

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