10 reasons why you should not allow young children to use mobile phones early

10 reasons why you should not allow young children to use mobile phones early

Technology brings a lot of utilities for us, including mobile phones. However, you need to get this equipment out of the reach of children because of its downsides as follows:

1. Reduce connection between parents and children

More and more smart-phone apps are launched, including video games which make children unable to take his eyes off the phone screen. It obviously reduces the connection of parents with their children more than that of family activities such as mothers’ story-telling ones or the whole family’s picnics.

2. Make children lack sleep and suffer from poor eyes

Due to the attractiveness of the games on smart phones, children are attached their eyes on the phone screens for hours tirelessly. This situation occurring frequently can make children lack sleeping and can affect their vision such as near sightedness or dry eye membrane.

3. Do not stimulate the creativity of children

A lot of games are simple but makes children enjoy playing. That is the reason why children cannot develop their creativity now. Instead of letting children play games on smart phones, mothers can let them play with colors, numbers and other activities such as painting, counting and learning songs in order to develop young children’s mentality early.

4. Reduce communication

When looking at the phone screens, children have no communication. Thus, a child’s communication reflexes will become worse. If you let children play with phones every day, they will tend to be afraid of communicating with other people, have few friends and develop negative physical and psychological emotions such as loss of appetite, low self-esteem, stubborn and even autism.

5. Prevent children from learning abilities

According to the researchers, smart-phones may hinder learning abilities of young children because smart-phones will make young children not concentrate in learning at school, as well as will reduce ability to learn and explore the world outside. According to the findings, children using similar mobile devices also reduce the development of skills needed for Maths and other science subjects.

6. Make young children be addictive and waste their time

Mobile phones are dangerous to the overall development of children. Using mobile phones regularly can often make children become addicted/addictive and not quit, even until adulthood.

7. Indirectly cause obesity

Spending too much time on the phone screens makes children be physically inactive. As a result, children have to face with health problems, one of which is obesity. It is the most common.

8. Cause mental problems

According to experts, one of the reasons why children today have depression and anorexia is to use smart phones and other Internet connected devices. These children also tend to be bullied at school and if not monitored, children may experience negative impacts on long-term mental health.

9. Cause behavioral problems

Just because of no interactive communication, behaviors of children often using phones are worse than those of other children. For example, children will not always answer when asked, or answer briefly with a lack of concentration.

10. Make children become more violent

There are many video games appealing young children, including a lot of violent video games making children be infected violence. Maybe, they will express some violent acts in their later life. This is really dangerous for the family and society because it affects their future as well as causes the problem of school and social violence.

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