10 ways to help your baby sleep better


Each baby has a different need for sleep and the newborn will sleep a long time, on a regular basis, and usually keep awake at night to be breastfed. Fearing that their babies would not have a good sleep is one of the usually seen worries of those who are mothers for the first time, particularly when their babies snivel and do not want to sleep. Here are the 10 ways to help your baby sleep better:

1.Talking to your baby

Tell your baby it’s time to sleep and talk softly to the baby when it wants to sleep. Though your baby does not understand your words, it will get used to this and gradually make a habit.

2.Restricting yourself to looking into your baby’s eyes

Playing with the baby before sleeping is what any father or mother is eager to do. Nevertheless, it is your eyes’ movement is what that interests the baby and causes it to imitate. Therefore, if you want your baby sleep quickly, the mother should not look into the baby’s eyes. Instead, the mother should look to other places, or ignore when putting the baby into the cradle or to bed as well as when soothing the baby to keep sleeping.

3.Bathing your baby


Warm water combined with lovingly fondling movements in a soft towel will cause the baby feel relaxed, comfortable. Avoid toys that make noise and various kinds of sound; your voice at this time should be low, gentle so that your baby’s bathing time is mild and gentle.

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4.Training your baby to have milk before sleeping

If your fond baby usually keeps awake at night to ask for breastfeeding, you should train the baby to suck one more time before sleeping. With a small and full belly, the baby will sleep well.

5.Preparing place for your baby’s sleep

Your baby’s sleeping place should be airy, cool, and especially with no toys, blanket, pillow, stuffed wolf… around since, when sleeping, if the baby moves its arms and legs and strike at these things, they would stop the baby’s breathing; it’s very dangerous. In case of being afraid that it is not warm enough for the baby to sleep, the mother can tryout a sleeping bag or the baby, instead of a loose sheet blanket.

6.Switching off the light

Switching off the light will help your baby to realize that when the room is dark, it is time for the baby to sleep. No need to use a night-lamp, what you should do is to pull down the curtain to reduce sunlight shining into the room in order to stimulate night-time moment at any time in the day. When it is time for the baby to wake up, you will open the curtain and switch on the light for the baby to realize the difference.


From being a newborn till toddling, the baby will sleep better if it is massaged for 15 minutes before sleeping. Applying a film of massage oil for baby then combining with reasonably gentle message movements will be a great gift you have for your baby before its sleep.

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Similar to telling story, that which song and of what genre will not really concern you. Simply, singing is a great way to aid your baby in easing up before sleeping, as well as an opportunity to help you showing your ability to sing with the baby… Scientific research has also proved that singing helps reduce stress for both listener and singer.

9.Telling story

It is never too early to start to tell your baby a story. Even before the baby can understand the words or pictures, it will love to be cuddled and to listen to your voice. The baby will also react with its own tunes and enjoy its parents’ caresses.

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And finally, end with caressing. This is a very lovely way, since it helps the baby feel secure and always experience its parental love before sleeping.


The baby’s growth depends partly on whether it can get a good night’s sleep when it needs or not. The habits established by the parents above will create favourable conditions for improving the baby’s sleep quality, thus helping it grow strong materially and spiritually later on.


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