25 things parents should do to get closer to the children

25 things parents should do to get closer to the children

In the busy pace of life, you should sometimes remind yourself spending more time for your little angel. Let’s help your children feel that they are truly safe and loved in the family not only by the words but also the daily small actions and gestures. Following are some ways to help your family to get closer to your children.

  • Spend your quality time just with your child. Just only 2 parent and child have lunch, walk around or do some private things together to make him/her be aware of the importance of personal communication.
  • Help your child to nurture their self-esteem and self-confidence by praise their effort to finish certain tasks.
  • Let’s celebrate for each events of your children. You can prepare a special dinner for them and guests to celebrate the first tooth loss, when they participate in football team or when they get good marks at school.
  • Teach your children how to think positively and how to become an optimist. Please do not pay attention to the dirt if they’re back home in dirty clothes, but please tell them: “My boy/girl must have had a wonderful time, right?”
  • Try to read more books to your children before bedtime even it’s late and you’re tired after a hard working day. Don’t forget to read to the older children who have known how to read because this activity can help your family members get closer.
  • Show the children their photos when they were a child and tell them their childhood stories.
  • Recall the children about the things you have taught them.
  • Tell your children how happy and wonderful you are to become their parents and how you expect to see them grow up every day.
  • Let your child choose their clothes themselves. This thing not only shows that you respect their decisions and interests but also helps your child to become more decisive.
  • Think as a child when playing with them, such as making a snowman, drawing on the fingertips, making different things with clay.
  • Be aware of their learning timetables, their schedule to meet their friends, and their teacher then you can ask your kids: “What did Mr. A, Ms. B say in class today”, “Do you happy to see C this morning?” instead of ask them “What did you do today?”
  • Stop washing dishes or talking on the phone to listen to your children when they want to chat with you.
  • Teach your child how to play the favorite games when you were at their ages. You can also tell them about your childhood and the fun of yourself.
  • Let’s break your rules yourself sometimes. Some days, for examples, let your eyes blind when your child wear shoes and jump freely in puddles even if this is what you always tell them not to do.
  • No matter how busy it is, the whole family should spend time having dinner together and sharing small achievements each one achieves that week.
  • Be creative in your daily task. You can, for example, cut the sandwiches into heart or star shape for more inspiration.
  • Write a secret notes of love, witty jokes, poems or encouragement and slip in their lunch boxes, school bags or in their beds to make them think about these things and feel happy.
  • Let your children hear you praise them with others.
  • Wear the jewels from your child by the way you make them think you are very proud of their “art brain”.
  • Avoid doing with your child all the things you didn’t like your parents do with you in your childhood.
  • Let’s say: “Why don’t you try doing this way.” instead of saying: “You do this wrong.” when your child does something wrong.
  • Create the secret words, signals, gestures that only your child and you can understand.
  • Remember that the 2 lasting gift for your children are “root and wings”. If your child can develop themselves independently and confidently, it means that you have gone in the right direction.
  • Forget yesterday and make every single day as a completely new day. Please consider each day is a new opportunity to mount more love with your children.
  • Embrace and kiss your child every day and don’t forget to show your message “I love you so much!”.

Children will grow up by such simple things. Therefore, the 25 things here should be a daily habit and need to be maintained at all of ages.

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