3 DIY Exciting Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

3 DIY Exciting Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Have you ever imagined life without your mum? She’s the one who brought you into this world in the first place, takes care of all your needs and wants, puts you before herself and everyone else in every situation and makes sure you never shed a tear. This Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day – the ideal time to make your mum feel extra special. Last year, my kids gifted me a wonderful white ceramic mug with ‘Love you mom’ written on it in haphazard letters and a picture of their favorite character from these pet games they love drawn on it. It is something which holds pride of place on my study table today. And needless to say, always will.

All you dads out there, why not lend a helping hand to your kids and help them come up with these DIY exciting gift ideas this Mother’s Day?


“Mom, if I had a flower for every time you made me smile, I’d have a garden to walk in forever.”

3 DIY Exciting Gift Ideas for Mother’s DayWhat could be a better start to your mom’s special day than a bouquet or vase full of her favorite blooms? The ideal way would be to spring her a surprise with a hot cuppa in bed, accompanied with her best-loved red rose by the side. You could perhaps brighten up her place at the breakfast table with a bowl full of purple or yellow pansies floating in water next to her plate, or even decorate her chair back with flowers strung together on a thread. If you’re more of the artistic kind, you could spray paint old, recycled mason jars in colorful hues, fill them up with soil, plant some flower buds and put them up on the kitchen window sill where they will have access to proper sunlight. This way your mom will be reminded of her special day for many more days to come! Don’t be afraid to keep it simple; the idea is to make her feel special and she’ll love you for the thought you put behind it.

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2.Memory pictures:

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless…”

3 DIY Exciting Gift Ideas for Mother’s DayYou don’t need to buy an expensive gift to make your mum feel extraordinarily special on Mother’s Day. Instead, gift her a memory which involves both you and your mum and you’ll see that she’ll treasure it forever. For instance, get hold of all the snapshots of you and her together – you as a baby in her lap, your old birthday party pictures, family holiday photographs – and set them up in a heart-shaped collage form on her bedroom wall. Or you could even string them together on a thread in the form of a banner, with fairy lights in between and set them up around her bedside table as a surprise (the easiest and quickest way would be to use clothes pins to hang the pictures upon a string and entwine the fairy lights on her headboard).If you have a little extra time on your hands, simply print out your favorite picture with her and glue it onto a small rectangular cardboard with a hole punched in at the top, along with a ribbon tied onto it – gift it to her as a keepsake fun photo bookmark to be a part of whichever book she’s reading.

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“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”

3 DIY Exciting Gift Ideas for Mother’s DayFood always tastes better when you eat it with your family. And if you decide to take up the responsibility of whipping up a dish or a drink on your own, then nothing like it. Agreed, you may never have stepped into the kitchen before (though I’m sure you have, the cookies don’t just disappear from their tins for nothing, do they?!), but there are many simple ways you could contribute to the dinner table from your side. Sweet treats are something you can never go wrong with – like ice-cream balls dipped in chocolate sauce (here’s the ‘recipe’ – scoop out ice cream balls, melt some dark chocolate in the microwave, dunk the balls in the ensuing chocolate sauce and freeze for ten minutes).Or even a jug of iced simple homemade lemonade complete with slices of lemon on top could be a perfectly refreshing end to a wholesome meal.

I would love to know how these (and your own) ideas worked out for you on Mother’s Day!

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