3 simple things help your child more intelligent

3 simple things help your child more intelligent

Parents always think that to make children smarter is something difficult and take lots of time and efforts. But with these 3 simple things, it is possible to build a solid foundation for the development of children’s superior intelligence.

Encouraging, motivating the spirit

Just like adults, the uncontrolled disparagements not only fail in helping children develop better, but also create their psychological inferiority. Words of encouragement and praise at the right time and right place will be the greatest catalyst to children’s confidence and creativity. Instead of yelling angrily or scolding, first go from gentle praise, consuming good points; then tell your children your opinions about the problem.

Parents should keep a positive attitude towards every behaviors of children. Yelling does not help anything, only leave a bad impression on the children mind and stressful atmosphere in the family.

Stimulating children’s thinking ability

When you are questioned or have questions about a problem, do not rush for the right answer. Give them a further explanation for better understanding than giving the answer. This is also a very tip to help build children’s confidence and independence.

Playing with your children

If parents leave their children to play alone with inanimate toys, handset, or expensive tablet…then please change this harmful habit. Playing along with your children not only tighten the feelings between parents and offspring, but also bring about valuable experiments. When contacting with parents, children can develop communication skill, one of the contributions to intellectual development.

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