3 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

Each one of us has a hero in our lives, right from the time we were tiny tots and crawled around on all fours. He’s the one whose finger we tightly held onto while gingerly taking our first steps. He’s the one who patiently posed with the camera on each of our birthdays to click that perfect picture of us with the cake. He’s the one who jogged along with us patiently behind our bicycles day after day and then let go once we learnt how to balance ourselves and never looked back. He’s the one who always makes us feel safe, secure, loved and on top of the world, come what may. No prizes for guessing who the hero is – ‘Dad’ of course!

The coming Sunday is a day dedicated to fathers; why not let the hero in our lives feel extra special on his special day? Here are four easy ways to make your dad feel extra loved this Father’s Day.

3 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

Holiday” by Maialisais licensed under CC by 2.0

Create a customized T-shirt or Cap for the ‘World’s Best Dad’

3 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

Tshirt” by jclGROWis licensed under CC by 2.0

All dads love T-shirts. Get hold of a plain white tee and let loose your artistic skills on it. It could be a colorful doodle, your favorite cartoon (the super cool Johnny Bravo or the strong Popeye the Sailor Man are good ideas) or just some cool quotes such as ‘World’s Best Dad’ or ‘An Awesome Dad Looks Like This’ or ‘Super Dad’ or ‘Cool Daddy’. If the kids are toddlers, moms could help them by dipping the palms of their kids in paint and stamping the handprints on the white t-shirt with ‘Daddy’, for instance, written in free hand on top. For slightly older kids, pre-printed templates can be placed inside the t-shirts, followed by drawing the outlines using fabric markers and then coloring or fabric painting inside the lines. To get a better idea of how to go about it, have a look at this.

Alternatively, you could also gift him a personalized hand-painted cap with ‘Daddy’handwritten on it in black felt if you’re short on time.Whatever you opt for, needless to say you’re going to have one proud dad strutting around with handwritten/hand-painted proof of his fathering skills from his kids to show off!

Gaming Dads are like normal dads — only much cooler

Dads are generally passionate about a motley mix of things; right from superhero comic books to zombies, sci-fimovies to video games and the like. An ideal evening for him would be to sit back on the couch for a couple of hours on end playing video games, every now and then biting into a slice of pizza loaded with cheese. Well, why not plan an evening exactly like that for him this Father’s Day? Pick the video games you think he would enjoy – something like Madden if he’s a football fan, the Forza series if he loves cars, dragongames like these if he enjoys animation and movies or even one of the Call of Duty series if he’s keen on shooting games. And yes, if your mom is in a generous mood, she could be the supplier of homemade pizza! Or else, you could simply order in and have a party on the occasion, mom and all.

3 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

Dad” by Wokandapixis licensed under CC by 2.0

Board games are a good option too to play together as a family – for example, the classic bluffing game Balderdash, the drawing and guessing game Pictionary or the more elaborate Game of Life. The idea here is to have fun and spend some quality family time together with dad and everyone else.

Things end… but memories last forever

Gift your dad a memory this Father’s Day. Surprise him with a coffee mug which has a favorite picture of the two of you on it. Or else, gift him a personalized leather photo key chain for the car keys that he takes with him whenever he goes out to work. Better still, try this traditional, old-fashioned yet tried and tested idea that is sure to be a hit with him – get a printed photo of dad and you together, insert it in a brand new wallet and place it on his bedside table as a surprise. This way, he’ll have you with him all the time he’s out of home. After all, haven’t you heard the saying which goes thus: ‘A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be’?

I recently came across this wonderful dad and daughter series which captures the love between daddies and their little girls. Here’s to someone we’ll always look up to no matter how old we’ve grown… Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing daddies out there!

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