4 tasks children should do at the age of learning to walk

Surely, any parents always want to encourage their children be independent and responsible? So, let’s start to guide your baby to do simple tasks and habits at the age of learning to walk.

1. Brush teeth

At the age of learning to walk, babies often enjoy observing and imitating their parents every day and the brushing is no exception. Taking advantage of this curiosity of children, parents should take every careful guidance step as a “model” for babies and should explain to children the importance of this activity. Let’s make the brushing into a game, a pleasure to children, instead of a work to do. Take a note of that parents should not be worried about the babies’ skills, because at this point, it is important to help babies with a habit of dental hygiene as well as a sense of excitement and enjoyment when babies themselves can complete that activity.

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2. Wash hands

Hand washing is the best way to eliminate harmful bacteria and prevent illness for your baby. Therefore, parents should help babies soon form the habit of washing hands, especially at the age of learning to walk. Let’s create a little excitement for babies to wash their hands with soap. Let’s help children control items such as soap and towels within their reach as well as control the time to clean their hand with water. Please guide children how to wash hands properly for 20 seconds.

Let’s bring babies a sense of excitement. For example, mothers can both guide babies to wash hands and sing a song such as “Happy Birthday”. It is important for mothers to always remain calm and patient when teaching your baby.  In addition, mothers always explain gently to the baby that hand washing is an activity necessary and important to anyone, including adults like parents.

3. Get dressed

From 18 – 24 months old, your baby can wear a hat, pull and open a zipper, take off clothes without help. And at the age of 2, children are ready for self-dressing. Mothers should help babies successfully implement these tasks by giving babies eye-catching clothes which are easy to wear, or comfortable dresses and colorful socks in the toes and heels. Parents should also break down steps from easy to difficult, such as helping babies concede a shirt over his/her head and put his/her hands into its sleeves and then asking babies to pull the shirt down.  To help children be interested in these things, parents should create an atmosphere of fun while dressing, such as giving babies a good comment, thinking of a song, playing “peek-a-boo” or letting babies select clothes which they like… Mothers should be patient to wait for babies because they need more time to complete these tasks. Sometimes, babies need your help in installing hard buttons, buttons or zipper. However, babies can do all these things when they are 30 months old.

4. Do some housework

Children may be encouraged to do some housework very early; even from at the age of18 months, babies are able to follow simple instructions. At this age, mother should let babies get used to housework with gentle and simple tasks which are consistent with them. Of course, sometimes things will not go as expected. Mothers should divide the work into small tasks and guide babies to complete those tasks exactly.

Some suitable tasks for children at this age are:  picking up toys into bins, cleaning toys with small towels, placing dirty clothes in the basket and finding the same type of socks…

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