5 key principles of children ear care can’t be ignored



Unlike the thoughts of many mothers, ear care is not merely to clean earwax out. If you are interested in cleaning your children’s tinny ears, please refer to this article.

It seems very simple but it can cause a harmful effect on your baby’s health as well as hearing ability if not done carefully. It is a question of how you need to do ear care to ensure safety for your baby’s ears. Don’t miss the following information.

1. 90% of babies needn’t be cleaned their earwax

Earwax is produced from dead cells, sweat and sebaceous glands in the ear canal. Earwax can effectively prevent the ear canal from dust, moisten and lubricate the ear canal as well as prevent the risk of ear infections. Most the cases of earwax can escape from the ear canal. Therefore, when cleaning your baby’s ears, you do not need to clean earwax out. Just clean the helix and outer ear canal. All the things are enough.

2. When should you clean your baby’s ears?

When bathing babies, mothers can clean their baby’s ears because at this time the ears of baby seem to be wet and earwax is also soft and easy to be cleaned out. Mothers should use a soft cloth and dip it in the warm water and gently wipe the helix and focus on those folded parts.  Then lightly twist the soft cloth and wipe the outer ear canal. Mothers should clean their baby’s ears when babies are comfortable and should not do it when babies cry or feel uncomfortable.

3. Should you use cotton swabs to clean the ears of babies?

Most of the mothers have a habit of using cotton swabs to clean the ears of children. However, this approach is not safe for the babies.

The skin inside the ears of children, especially infants and young children is very fragile. Therefore, babies can be hurt if mothers use a bit hard cotton swab or swab a bit strong. Even if a cotton swab is placed too deep in the ears, babies will be at risk of eardrum perforation. Besides, mothers should not use sharp metal ear hygiene kits to clean the ears of babies.

4. Using water to clean the ears

If it is impossible for earwax to be self-peeling out, mothers can use saline or olive oil to soften the earwax before cleaning it out. Let your baby lie on one side and drop a little saline into his/her ears several times a day until the earwax is soft and is self-peeling out. Moms can also use dedicated ear hygiene water to clean the ear of children but these products are not popular in the market of Vietnam.

5. Be careful when using drugs

In the existing pharmacies there are many products available to clean the ears of children, including types of ear dropping water and tools of cleaning earwax out for the baby. However, without a doctor’s appointment, mothers should not arbitrarily buy and use these products. If there is a lot of earwax or the earwax is hard, parents should take their children to a special doctor for ear hygiene safely and properly.

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