Top 5 oils extremely good for women breastfeeding

Top 5 oils extremely good forwomen breastfeeding

To help women after childbirth relax, sleep soundly, take care of the skin and enhance the resistance, some essential oils are used on skin, drunk, steam or used in many various ways. The oil of lavender, chamomile or oregano are the ones that have such great properties. Moreover, even when you are breastfeeding,you can use them without worrying about experiencing side effects, affecting milk yield and health.

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1. Dill oil

Dillplays an important role in increasing the amount of the hormone estrogen and then increase the breast milk. You can use the oil for skin to massage the chest skin. Oil will seep into the breast milk and will haveeffect on the increase of maternal lactation. In addition, it also helps oil lactating mothers prevent flatulence, aid the digestion system and helps the infant to reduce the colic symptomswhile breastfeeding. Moreover, the dill oil is an essential oil to help women to have regular menstrual cycles and to be stronger.

2. Oregano oil

Using Oregano essential oil on the skin, lactating women will find more relaxing. Besides, the antibacterial ingredient of Oregano oil is also helpful in the treatment of inflammatory nipple. In addition, Oregano oil is also used to treat respiratory disorders and digestive with certain dosagefor the women who are breastfeeding.

3. Camomile oil

Camomile oilis is an excellent natural medicinal herb to heal the sore nipplefor baby new mothers. Simply, you just need to apply a few drops of chamomile oil with coconut oil into sore nipple after breastfeeding. Moreover, thisfamiliar oils also helpswoman to minimize anxiety, tension and dissolve the symptoms of postpartum depression.

4. Lavender oil

Like oregano oil, lavender oil is a wonderful recipe to treat mastitis, dry and chapped nipples in lactating women. You just need to simply apply a few drops of this oil on top and areola inflammation or cracking a few times a day. In addition, you should also use lavender oil to massage your skin and the baby’sto relax and sleep soundly.

5. Sage oil

Sage oil is safe for women who are breastfeeding if it is used in appropriate doses. The two greatest benefits of the oils are to reduce the pain in the nipples and to stimulate the natural milk. However, please make sure that you don’t leave any amount of sage oil remaining on the nipple when breastfeeding.

Note: The oils bring women who are breastfeeding great benefits. However, you should consider using them properlyat the right time with right dose to minimize the side effects.

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