5 Quick Cleaning Tips For People Who Hate It

House cleaning is one mundane task characterized by repetitive activities that never end; don’t many of us just hate it? Ironically, we all enjoy living in a clean space even if we don’t want to take part in creating it. Other than having a cleaning schedule, reducing clutter, cleaning on the go and keeping a checklist, what else can you do to make cleaning fun? Employ these 5 quick cleaning tips for people who hate it and make your house shine effortlessly.

5 Quick Cleaning Tips For People Who Hate It1. Add Some Factor of Entertainment in Your Cleaning

One bright side about cleaning is that it does not require your total concentration. You can effectively multitask. With this in mind, why not take the opportunity and include something you like in your clean up? Besides, this could be your only “me” time for the day or even the week.

Get some nice music and switch to the highest note of your choice. You can actually dance along as you mop, wipe the countertops, dust the shelves or so. Again, it doesn’t have to be music, the idea is to bring in something you like doing to steal away your attention from this boring task. If you watch your favorite TV series during vacuuming, sip your wine while cleaning dishes or chat with a friend over the phone while you pick cluttered items; you will be amazed how fast your cleaning task will end.  This will leave you less tired and relaxed, not to mention feeling proud of yourself!

2.Organize Your Cleaning Materials And Keep Them Handy

You can make your work easier by having what you need for cleaning handy. Having to move back and forth every time you want to use a specific cleaning material is disgruntling. You can actually tire at some point and forget about the cleaning before you are done. This makes it helpful to collect your materials beforehand and keep them within reach.

Keep a bin handy where you can stash the litter during the exercise. Put brooms, mops, vacuums and brushes together. Sprays, multipurpose cleaners, and polishes should be around where you will use them, as well as clothes. Some basic organization can inspire your cleaning venture and set you on the right mindset for the task.

5 Quick Cleaning Tips For People Who Hate It3.Make It A Game

This is practical when you have company. It is always prudent to get kids help with cleaning or even your spouse. Let’s say you are de-cluttering the house, come up with a contest to see who picks the highest number of toys, shoes or any other item lying around. You can add a prize for the champion as well. You could also have a timer and record how fast each of you accomplished a task.


4.Treat Cleaning As a Workout Session

Did you know you can burn a lot of fat during a house clean up? That lifting of chairs, walking up and down, stretching to remove cobwebs or dust high places, can be all you need to fill in for your daily workout routine. You can actually save some money and time spent in the gym.

Obviously, we are not talking about the automated kind of cleaning here. On the contrary, if you are to burn any meaningful calories during house chores, you may have to go back to the traditional mop which you dip in a bucket full of water and soap, wring it thoroughly and wipe the floor vigorously. It may involve grabbing that scrubber and scraping the bathroom floor dutifully. Dishes got to be hand-washed, no dishwashers. Isn’t exercising serious work, anyway?

5.Reward Yourself

How about planning a good meal after a serious clean up around your house? Your friends, if they helped you, will like it very much. Knowing there is a treat after a hard task keeps you looking forward to its completion. This doesn’t mean you will do a shoddy job; on the contrary, you are motivated to give your best.


Author Bio:

Beverly Jenkins is proud of her staff at The Tidy Maids house cleaning service in Raleigh, NC. She has 24 years of experience in house cleaning, customer service, and business operations. She knows all the tips and tricks and do-it-yourself hacks when it comes to cleaning and her clients’ homes are the best proof for that.

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