7 Must-Try Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers

If you are searching for ideas to play at home with your children to keep them away from technology devices, check this out: 7 fine motor activities that are easy to do at home.

1. Fine Motor Activity With Buttons:

Keep your children busy with some colorful buttons and a pen: draw lines or any shape you want and guide kids to arrange the buttons according to them.

2. Hammer And Nails:

Kids can learn to find out how things work with a hammer and some nails; this kit is economical and easy to buy. While playing, your children can develop both fine motor skills and hand-eyes coordination.

3. Fun With DIY Football Maze:

Old but not obsolete, this game surely be one of the most exciting activities. You only need and old cardboard box, some drinking straws, mini ball ( or pompoms, seeds…) and a football field picture to make it more fun.

You can download football field picture HERE

4. Cotton Bud Painting:

Kid’s imagination is boundless but their painting skill cannot catch up due to the age. So instead of brushes, give your children some cotton buds that are easier to control.

5.  Threading Game – Clouds and Rain Theme

Threading is an important activity that your children need to do everyday to improve their fine motor skills and enhancing their patience. To make the activity less boring, try this Clouds and rain theme.

You can download the picture HERE

5. Threading Game – Exploring under the sea

Baby girls will be fascinated by the beautiful mermaid and underwater scene.

You can download this theme HERE

6. Human Body Parts Puzzle Game:

A fun way to learn human body parts and improving fine motor skills.

You can download the puzzle HERE

7. Tying Shoelace Game: 

Kids will learn how to tying shoelaces and tell the left shoe from the right shoe in this game.

Find the free printable shoe lacing cards HERE

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