7 thing pregnant women need to prepare during the first trimester

7 thing pregnant women need to prepare during the first trimester

The first three months are the most difficult period in women’s pregnancy. You have to fight with a lot of changes in your health, hormones, emotion, etc. Therefore, making a plan for the pregnancy becomes important and a solution to pregnant women’s stress and fatigue removal. In this article, you will be given some suggestions to prepare the necessary items for the first 3 months of pregnancy as an important part of your birth plan.

1. Suitable brassiere

Breast tenderness and nipple pain is the clear sign of pregnancy. Although your breast size does not increase a lot in the first 3 months, you still should replace your old brassieres and buy new ones. Please pay attention to the quality and the fabric features. Ideally, you should choose the fabric which is safe for sensitive skin and have specific origin. Besides, the brassiere size factor which fits you and helps you comfortable should not be ignored.

2. Portable Water Bottle

This is a small but extremely important item to pregnant women as they need to drink a large amount of water during pregnancy. When you travel, you are likely to forget to drink; yet, if you have a portable water bottle with you, you will drink more water each day.

3. Multivitamins

All pregnant women are advised to use multivitamins for pregnant women to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. In particular, the first 3 months is the most important period affecting the fetal development. For that reason, you should prepare necessary multivitamins and minerals as a part of maternity care plan.

4. Books for pregnant women

Are you sure that you have enough knowledge of maternity and newborn care? In fact, the books exclusively for pregnant women not only give you the knowledge of motherhood but also help you to relax and have a good mentality to welcome your baby. Therefore, you should not be too picky in choosing the books having the largest amount of knowledge or advertised the most. Please choose the books you want to read, and you will find its great significance to pregnant women.

5. Snacks

Hormonal change is the main “culprit” which makes pregnant women easily hungry and eating like a horse. You cannot imagine the feeling as of the moment, but try to listen to the advice of the women who have given birth. Always get some food prepared in your home after your meals and even before bedtime. When you are hungry, you can instantly grasp something such as an apple or a cookie to eat to avoid nausea or soothe the sudden hunger.

6. Bolsters

In fact, pregnant women face with many sleep problems. Tranquilizers or sleeping pills will not be allowed to present in a pregnant woman’s medicine cabinet. Thus, you need to find other ways to overcome the sleeping problem or wake up at night such as sleeping with a bolster.

7. Coconut oil

Apart from the nutritious and mental issues, skin problems also become complicated with pregnant women. One of the most awful skin problems may be dry and itchy skin, and coconut oil is considered as the most effective natural remedy to protect pregnant women’s skin during pregnancy. Right from the first month, you can apply coconut oil to your skin in order to solve itching, burning and dry skin problem as well as preventing stretch marks.


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