7 tips for helping your child take medicines easily


When your child is ill, getting it to take medicine is always a hard job. Therefore, in order to make your child cooperative, you should employ some soothing tactics.

1.Trying Different Ways

Instruments for support in taking medicines may create surprising effects. If your child doesn’t want to take with a spoon, try to get it to take medicine with a syringe. You can also use a small glass (make sure it has accurate measurements for you to use in proper doses) or any other measuring devices you think that your child will be willing to try. Any changes in the way of approaching will also assist you in creating a diversion to make your child take medicine.

2.Dividing Into Small Parts

Get your child to take a small quantity of medicine in several minutes rather than all at the same time. This can help the child swallow easier than concentrating on several minutes. Naturally, if your child finds that this way seems only to further prolong the “torture”, then this tactic is not for you.

3.Disguising Tactics

Ask your doctor if hiding medicine in foods or drinks is possible. If it is, just put the medicine into a small quantity of crème, sauce or fruit. But remember that if you combine the medicine with some other thing, your child should eat up or drink up all that mix to have the full dosage.

4.Medicine Positioning

Since taste buds (gustatory calyculi) gather together in front of and amidst the tongue, hence, instead of placing the medicine in that “sensitive” gustatory area, you should do with in the gums at the back and inside the cheeks, where the medicine will easily flow down the throat, without affecting much the child’s taste. This way entails you having a bit of dexterity when one hand holds the child sitting still while the other places the medicine in an exact position.

5.Soothing, Consoling

A tiny tip which may be very helpful to you in this case: Promise to give your child a small prize, provided that it must take up the medicine. With simply a tiny gift in this way now you can inspire your child to open its pretty mouth to take the medicine.

6.Letting Your Child Decide On Its Own

Vest your child with the right to decide to choose the different flavour and colours of the medicine. By this way, the child will feel that it is seemingly possessed of the right to control the situation and the result achieved is sometimes is considerably surprising.

7.Always Maintaining A Happy Mood

Don’t be too stress-stricken when getting your child to take medicine, because, if you are delighted, easy-going, then the child will consider these happy signs as the herald of an easy job to do. Don’t let your frowning face in an effort to force your child to take the medicine make it think that this must be an unpleasant task, not easy at all.

Children usually don’t like to take medicines due to their uninteresting smell. Getting children to take medicines is a job not easy, very time-consuming to both the mother and the child if no proper method is carried out. Should mothers be tactful in applying the seven tips above when having difficulties in getting your children to take medicines.

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