Avoid some ways to beautify during pregnancy

Avoid some ways to beautify during pregnancy

The side effects of pregnancy can cause the mother’s body to be changed badly. However, mothers should not look for beauty products and use them indiscriminately. During This time, the mother’s body is prettily sensitive, so using beauty products containing many harmful chemicals can have bad influences on unborn babies.

You should think positively that you are a little ugly because of your child and should also wait until the end of 9-month & 10 – day pregnancy.  At that you can comfortably beautify.

If necessary, pregnant women should choose safe cosmetics for use.

Below are some beautifying ways which pregnant women should avoid:

1. Nail painting

Surely, pregnant women who like beautify must be very sad to say goodbye to their colorful nail painting bottles during their pregnancy, but this is necessary to protect the health of their babies. The reason is that the nail painting bottles contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates that can lead to premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight, birth defects or toluene that can cause the abnormal development of the nervous system and functional organs of the fetuses.

The nail painting bottles contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates that can lead to premature birth and miscarriage.

2. Lipstick

This familiar cosmetic is also in the list which should be limited during pregnancy. Lipstick is aggregated from a variety of materials, including substances which are capable of absorbing heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms in the air.

Besides, most of the lipsticks contain certain amounts of lead which negatively affects the brain the development of the fetuses. These harmful materials will penetrate into the body when pregnant women inadvertently eat something or lick their lips. Therefore, it is the best when mothers use natural products such as beeswax, honey, olive oil… and use vitamin B-rich foods to have naturally fresh and rosy lips.

3. Scream-rich in vitamin A

First, forget immediately creams containing vitamin A or aloe vera extract as it can harm the development of the fetus. Please replace it with a day organic cream.

To get safety, pregnant women should natural skinny masks from potatoes, avocado, jojoba oil or yogurt, eggs, honey….

4. Perfume

A Canadian environmental organization has studied the components of the perfume sold worldwide and has shown that most of them contain more than 10 chemicals that are likely to cause allergies.

Thus, during pregnancy, if you cannot give up your favorite perfume bottles, spray it on the back of clothes before wearing, but never spray directly on your skin. Alternatively, you can take advantage of this time to test types of lighter perfumes with fruity or floral smells.

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5. Acne treatment products

Acne is one of the skin problems with which most of the pregnant women face during pregnancy, but you need to pay attention not arbitrarily to use medication or acne cream because many acne products contain ingredients which may cause damage to fetuses.

6. Hair dying

The hair dying oils contain pigments and solvents that are harmful to future babies. That is why people are still advised to avoid hair dying during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers should avoid hair dying products containing formaldehyde at home and ask your hairdresser use non-ammonia products if you still want to dye and perm your hair while being pregnant. It will be better if you select dyes derived from 100% of plants.

7. Waxing

During pregnancy, it’s no surprise that pregnant women are prone to suffer from varicose veins. This is completely inconsistent with hot waxing and laser waxing because people have not currently rated all the laser effects on the fetuses.

So, while you’re pregnant, stay away from hot waxing methods. This will help you avoid all the consequences of being ‘burned’, things that are not good for the sensitive skin of pregnant women.

Instead, you can use all kinds of razors or tweezers with skins such as armpits and face that are thin and more sensitive to heat.

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