12 ways to help pregnant women reduce backache effectively

Back pain during pregnancy

In the first months of pregnancy, pregnant women often have a lot of changes in their bodies such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, fear and back pain.

Below are 12 ways to help pregnant women reduce backache effectively.

1. Wear low-heel shoes

During pregnancy, mothers often choose low-heel shoes to move because of their comforts while others need a bit high – heel shoes to ease the pressure on the back. Generally, when the back increasingly tends to be straightened out; high-heeled shoes will contribute to this situation worse. So low-heel shoes will support your back better.

2. Avoid heavy things

When ligaments become more lax, pregnant woman are also easily prone to injuries.  If pregnant women have to lift or carry something, they should put it close to the body, lower their knees down instead of bending their backs and they shouldn’t twist their bodies.

3. Keep the back warm to reduce backache

This is an effective measure to help relieve back pain immediately. You can make your back be warmed by applying hot compresses to your back or by asking your relatives to rub your back

4. Sit properly

When sitting, make sure that your back is always supported. Always place one small pillow behind your lower back or sit on a deep-set or D-shaped pillow. Sitting on the dining chairs will also help to protect your back better than sitting in the soft seats or sofa because you back is kept straight.

5. Incline your hips

Inclining hips will help pregnant women relieve back pain. If you suffer from back pain, incline your hips 5-10 times after you sit for 10-15 minutes. If you sit for a long time, stand up and walk around a bit after every 20 minutes.

6. Know your limits

Don’t try to lift heavy things. If you have to lift something heavy, lift emphatically, don’t bend at the waist.

7. Wear clothes with right sizes

Wearing clothes with right sizes will pregnant women feel more comfortable and reduce pressure on the shoulder and chest.

8. Practice good posture

When standing, imagine that you are being measured your height. It means that you stand up straight like leaning against the wall in such a way that your back and head are aligned and rest against the wall. Stretching muscles in the hip and belly will help relieve back pain.

9. Massage

Massaging the back will help pregnant women feel more comfortable during pregnancy. Besides, pregnant women can register treatment packages to relieve backache during pregnancy.

10. Yoga

Yoga is also a way for pregnant women to reduce back pain effectively at home.

11. Avoid excessive weight gain

A very quick weight increase also causes some damage to the vertebrae. So, pregnant women should remain their diet to gain a gradual weight according to the age weeks of fetus.

12. Pay attention to sleep posture

When persistent back pains last until you go to bed at night, try rotating your body to a more favorable position for your back. Sleeping on your side and using a pillow can reduce back pains and help you take a better rest.

Sleep on your left side, keep your neck be straightened with the spine by putting your head on a pillow surely.  Place a pillow between two legs to reduce pressure on the pelvic area and the back. Finally, put a small pillow under your belly to prevent it from being overthrown while you sleep.

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