Best foods for constipation

Best foods for constipation

Feeling constipated? These foods will help get things moving.

1.Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a rustic food, inexpensive and laxative food which is very good in the prevention of constipation. Sweet potato contains very little fat and no cholesterol, so it is very beneficial for pregnant women. However, pregnant women should be careful not to eat too many sweet potatoes as it can cause obesity or bloating, indigestion.


Fruits which are immensely popular and quite familiar are bananas. Bananas are also foods that are rich in fiber. They have a laxative effect and can avoid constipation for pregnant women. Every day, pregnant women should eat two bananas (only eat ripe bananas) when there is nothing in the stomach or eat cooked bananas (including shell) because they have a laxative and diuretic effect and are able to reduce constipation with blood.

3.Ripen Papayas

Ripen papaya is easier to assimilate and is able to prevent constipation. Ripen papaya is a high fiber food containing papain, an enzyme that degrades proteins and other components which are able to prevent constipation.


Pumpkin is a abundant supply of vitamins A, E, C and B6, which are very good for pregnant women. In addition, the pumpkin is rich in iron and zinc, which helps to replenish the blood to the body and to prevent common anemia in pregnant women.

Besides, pumpkin is also a source of high fiber food, which has the effect of a laxative and prevents constipation and hemorrhoids. It is very good for pregnant women.


Carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene, vitamin B9, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, protein, fat, crude fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, which have the effect of a laxative and make pregnant women’s bellies comfortable. During pregnancy, if pregnant women suffer from constipation, they only have carrot gruel 1 time / day for 3-5 days or drink carrot juice to treat constipation effectively.


Seaweed is a type of food which helps pregnant women prevent constipation and promotes the excretion process effectively. In the seaweed, there is Alga alkane mannitol, a calorie low sugar, helping to nourish beneficial bacteria for the intestines, making food be digested fast and soon remove all the residues remained in the gut and helping the intestines become clean and enhance calcium absorption.


Apples are indispensable fruits with pregnant women, because apples contain a lot of useful minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sulfur and pectin. Also, apples contain insoluble fiber, preventing constipation and soluble fiber, helping to reduce cholesterol.

However, let’s be careful not to purchase these types of apples containing preservatives or pesticides. If possible, eating from 1-2 apples a day is the best.

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  • Proper diet with more fiber and exercise is the best long term way to deal with constipation but in the short term something more immediate is needed. We all know that an enema can help but that’s not very convenient or practical (to say nothing about uncomfortable) to use often and definitely not for mild, frequent constipation. A way to use water for quick relief is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Used primarily for improved hygiene it can also be used to shoot a blast of water up your pipes to loosen things up and get them moving. Fast, convenient, and comfortable.


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