Body parts need a special care during pregnancy

Special care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and full of new things, but during this time, pregnant women must also face health-related issues. Body parts such as teeth, chest, back, genital areas, feet and skin are parts which require special care.


Body parts need a special care during pregnancyAt the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay more attention to oral health than usual. Hormones secreted during pregnancy make gums be swollen, easily bleed and make teeth porous and brittle

Therefore, pregnant women remember that they should brush their teeth at least 2 times / day. They should brush their teeth after meals and should maintain an average of three-minute duration. They also use a soft toothbrush to brush their teeth to avoid the easy bleeding. Every 3 months, pregnant women should go to the dentist’s for getting tartar instead of 6 months as regular. They should not use toothpastes that contain too much medicine or chemical composition. Pregnant women should not overlook about dental check-ups, even though you do not have a toothache or have dental problems.


Body-parts-need-a-special-care-during-pregnancy3-TipsmomWhen it is in the about 40-day pregnancy, pregnant women start to feel the phenomenon of breast fullness. The fetus is at the age of between 3 and 4 months, two breasts start growing, the veins in the chest begin to dilate, nipples become darker instead of being pink as they are not in the pregnancy.

To protect breasts during pregnancy, expectant mothers should choose bras carefully. Bras are elastic and do not squeeze nipples. Especially, if you choose breastfeeding, it is necessary to pay attention to protect the chest area as well as its sanitation. Pregnant mothers should regularly use warm water to wash nipples and skin around the nipples, and then dry them.  Pregnant women should absolutely not rub creams on the nipples.


Body parts need a special care during pregnancyAccording to the survey, from 1/2 to 3/4 of pregnant women have mild back pain, and the remaining (⅓) are tortured by back pains. To prepare for the 9-month and 10-day pregnancy and the birth of a living baby, the other parts of the body must share nutrients with unborn baby, especially; the back area must be shared most.

To overcome or alleviate back pains during pregnancy, pregnant women should take regularly practice gentle exercises. Whenever standing up or sitting down, they should do gradually, keep a straight posture and keep your shoulders balanced. When suffering from back pains, they should not abuse drugs or hot oil. Instead, they should be treated with warm compresses or massage.


Body parts need a special care during pregnancyDuring pregnancy, the effects of these hormones as well as the changes in the blood circulation to nourish the fetus, the mother’s body will store more water. Until the middle stages of pregnancy, the uterus has a clear development, creating a compression of the veins, which makes the blood circulation become slower, and the trapped fluid in the blood vessels which can be deposited in the leg area, especially the feet, can lead to edema.

In addition to the increasing weight of the pregnant women, there is also an increase in the weight of the foot. The muscles always seem exhausted and tired. The shortage of calcium can lead to painful cramps.

Therefore, pregnant women should not be subjective in selecting seats while working. Choose chairs with medium height (not too low and not too high), with comfortable and appropriate back support. Although your pregnant belly has not been exposed yet and has looked less heavy, you should not sit with legs crossed. Pregnant women should not sit long in one place. Instead, they should operate some gentle activities to help with easy blood circulation. Let’s ask your husband to massage your feet, which is a great therapy for pregnant women.

To prevent cramps, pregnant women should not operate their leg too much, should not wear heels. They should eat calcium-containing supplements to nourish the body. Every day, pregnant women should not be lazy take exercise and should remember to take time to walk every day.


Body parts need a special care during pregnancyDuring pregnancy, the circulatory system must work harder, your body temperature increases and there are changes in hormones, which makes the skin become glossier, smoother, stretcher and even more beautiful than that is not in pregnancy. However, this is also the time when your skin becomes sensitive, can suffer from things that are too dry or too oil, acne as puberty, burnt cheekbones, or the appearance of stretch marks. All the signs are normal, and with the right care, pregnant women will still retain a beautiful skin, or reduce the negatives of the pregnancy to the skin.

During pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers is sensitive to the sunlight radiation, so they should be careful to cover “exposed” skin areas. Let’s drink water and wash faces frequently to remove oil or to improve dry skin, but pregnant women should use the cleanser with natural extracts. If possible, pregnant women should periodically take special skin cares at the center of professional skin care.

6.Genital area

During pregnancy, under the action of the hormone, and congestion phenomena in the vagina, there is a lot of mucus secreted much more out of the genital area. This easily leads to the phenomenon of having infection and an itch in the genital area.

Therefore, hygiene and care for sensitive genital areas during pregnancy are extremely important. When there is any inflammation, do not hesitate to see a gynecologist for examination.


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