Bug bites treatment: Home remedies


Summer is the ideal season for insects to develop more rapidly. Children can be bitten by various types of insects such as fleas, mosquitoes, bedbugs, bees, ants…So if your child is stung by an insect, how do you deal with it?

Bug bites cause unpleasant and painful at swollen spots. Most of them are not dangerous, unless your child is allergic to insects venom. If the sting leads to allergy like swelling and fainting; the bite is at mouth or throat; lots of insects bites…you have to consider it emergency.

Symptoms of bug bites

  • Appear small holes, with or without stinger
  • Swelling and unpleasantness at the bite
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Appear hives, stomach cramps, coughing, itching, wheezing, choking and fainting.


Firstly, calm your child down and keep the part that has been stung still in order to slow down the spread of poison . Then you can use these home remedies to deal with the bite:

  • Wash the infected site with soap and clean water. It helps reduce unpleasantness and itching.
  • Apply salt water on the bite to remove a bit poison, bacteria and prevent infection.
  • Baking soda is also very helpful in reducing itching within minutes.
  • Apply ice or cold water on infected area can control the swelling and prevent infection.
  • Use lemon juice as an effective disinfectant: just rub lemon slices directly on the bite. The swelling and itching will be gone rapidly.
  • Right after your child has been bitten, lather a bit of mint toothpaste on the swollen area. This will make the bite less itchy and scratchy.
  • Use something in the kitchen: garlic juice and onion juice are very effective but a bit smelly.
  • Use essential oils such as tea, lavender and coconut as the remedy to reduce sore and swelling. Remember to ask the doctor about the concentration of each type essential oils before lathering directly on skin.

After the first aid, see the doctor to make sure that your child is completely in good condition.

Prevent bug bites


You cannot kill all the pests around or keep your child indoors all day but you can use safety pesticide. Wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants, light colored clothing for your child as taking him/her out. You should be careful if you are eating outside; do not use fragrance products such as creams, soaps, perfumes…because these products can attract various types of insects.

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