Children’s Fear Of Doctors: How to overcome

Children's Fear Of Doctor-How to overcome

Some children, especially at about 2 years old and a half, are afraid of seeing a doctor of dentist. This can be
explained by science. At this age the memory has begun developing; they will remember about pains, needle shots or the bitterness of medicine. And a fear of visiting the doctor will be created. The most important thing is that you should not disregard or make fun of this fear. Be understanding and consult these advices below:

  • Choose the right time: Do not make an appointment with the doctor when your children are hungry or get tired. Avoid rush hours because the doctor might have so many patients that he/she cannot have enough time to reassure them (and you will get tired of waiting, too).
  • Go to the doctor’s together: Sometimes parents are busy and let other relatives take children to the doctor’s. However, one parent should go with them at least the first times. When children see the most favorite and trustful person, father or mother, they will be calm and be more courage. Moreover, you can know better about your children’s health condition by asking the doctor directly.
  • Prepare your children before going: Be honest and tell them about the doctor visiting, do not hide or lie about it. Explain to them that seeing a doctor is necessary and after that they will not be sick or hurt anymore. Answer any questions to make they understand clearly. Your children will be reassured and reduce the fear of doctor.
  • Talk to the doctor about the fear: If your children’s fear are greater than you have thought, talk to the doctor or nurses before going. Tell them about the fear and with experience, they will have proper solutions.
  • Do not make a promise if you cannot keep: If you tell your children: “It won’t be hurt” and then things come totally different (maybe pains by needle shots), they will not trust you anymore.
  • Make your children feel good: Let them bring along the favorite toys, some chocolate bars or candies; hug them frequently to make them feel comfortable. Tell them crying is a normal react, and you are proud that they can face the fear by themselves.
  • Restrain yourself: Some parent are overly worried as the children crying too much. This bad emotion will make an influence on the children and they might be scared more.
  • Praise your children after that: As finishing the health care, praise your children as much as you can. Make active compliment such as you were good/courage/less crying…
  • Make a reward: Take your children to the zoo, go to the movies, eating out or anything they like even if they were cried at the doctor’s. Next time your children will be more cooperative and not too scared.
  • Play doctor games or reading about doctors for children: Parents should play doctor game with children. Buying a costume, doctor’s toy kit and let the fun begin. Also reading to them some books about doctors. Your children will learn about the health care procedure at the doctor’s and be brave gradually.
  • Believe in your parental instinct: As selecting a doctor, nature character is as important as degree and ability. Most of children are afraid of doctors, but you still need to ask for the reason. Maybe the doctor is too fierce, too strict to them or make them feel uncomfortable. Consult other parents’ experience and recommendation. If the fear is true, change a new doctor.

Hope that these advice will help you a lot in reducing your children’s fear of going to see the doctor. If you have any other wonderful solution, do not hesitate and share with Tipsmom!

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