8 Best ways to have healthy teeth for children


Parents must take care of children’s dental health as soon as possible: since the baby has been born and during the developing time. From age 1 to 3, the baby has first milk teeth. To have nice teeth in the future, you should master these oral care tips for your child below:

1.Brush the teeth

Children often get trouble with brushing teeth all alone. Thus, your work is choosing a soft toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste (this kind of toothpaste is not harmful to the baby’s health) . Then make your child brush the teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night. This will strengthen teeth and gum. For baby about 1 year old, use gauze pads and saline to clean.

2.Periodic oral exams

Although your child is still small, you should take him/her to the dentist for periodic oral exams since 1 year old. The dentist will check for dental disorders, tooth decay and gum disease…Early oral exam is necessary for beautiful teeth in the future.


Pay attention to your children’s nutrition, especially implementing Calcium – good for strong teeth and bones. Calcium helps teeth and jaw grow stronger during developing time. These foods are rich of calcium, use them daily to prepare meals for your children: onion, orange, egg, milk, pumpkin, green vegetables, poultry…

4.Do not heal dental disease at home

Some parents try treat at home as noticing children’s dental disease such as gingivitis, gum swelling and fever… It is dangerous because the chance to have wound infection is very high. For the best care, take them to the dentist to cure dental problem whenever it happens.

5.Drink water after every meal

After eating, make your child drink or wash mouth by clean water to clear teeth plaque. Thus tooth decay can be prevented.

6.Use mouthwash

At the age of 3, mother can teach children how to use mouthwash to sterilize and kill all bacteria, plaque – the cause of gingivitis, gum swelling and damaged tooth enamel. For safety, ask the dentist before using any kind of mouthwash for children.

7.Restrict sweet milk and soft drinks before bedtime

Sweet is the main cause for tooth decay in children, especially eating sweet at night. Some children have bad habit: drink milk or soft drinks before going to bed but refusing to brush teeth afterwards. Change this bad habit, or else you have to make them clean their teeth carefully before sleeping.

8.Use glass when drinking liquid

If children use glass to drink milk or any liquid, they will not hold it in mouth. This can prevent dental problems in children.

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