8 criteria for safety when buying toys for children


When a toy is present at your child’s room, you usually have to pick it up to examine, twist it slightly to see if it is easy to break or be disassembled or not. Don’t set your mind at rest yet as you have you have selected it very carefully before, in the course of using it, the toy may be degraded, Therefore, attention should be paid to the following to assure safety of toys for children.

1.Prescribed Age

Always adhere strictly to the age of users as prescribed by manufacturers (if any). Many kinds of toys have tiny parts which are easily swallowed by children. You should not ignore any warning on the wrapping.

2.Reasonable Size

Toys for children should be in reasonable size. They must be at least about 3cm in diameter, 6cm in length so as not to be swallowed or stuck in the gullet. In Western countries, when going to buy toys for their children, parents often carry with them a pipe size of the child’s gullet. If the toy or any of its disassembled parts flow into the pipe, that means these should be left behind on the store shelf. Or they can easily curl an A4 paper sheet up and use for this small but important test.

3.Be Careful with Small Things

Avoid tiny toys, with detachable parts as these are easily swallowed by children. Be strictly careful with small balls, coins, games with balls 4.4cm and below in diameter. These things may block the child’s gullet if stuck in the throat.

4.Be Vigilant about Batteries

Another important note is batteries for toys. It must be ensured that children cannot uncover the battery pack (at best, the cover is closed with a screw). Swallowing battery will do extremely serious harm such as blocked trachea, pierced gullet, alkaline chemical burn…

5.Parts, Sides, Disassembly

On checking any toy, it must be ensured that the toy is solid, even when chewed by the child, it will not break. In addition, the toy must also not have thorn angles, sharp edges, without small wheels, tiny buttons, sockets size of the child’s finger or dangling threads…

6.Horse Riding, See-Saw

Only when the child can sit firmly should you let it play toys for riding (and examine manufacturer’s warnings). For playing see-saw or horse riding, there should be safety belts to prevent the child from falling and when the child plays alone, it should be under the supervision of the family member.

7.Home-Made Toys

As to the “home-made” toys, these should also carefully tested before providing them for the child to play. For example, never let the child play with an old lacquerware article, since the paint layer will certainly contain lead which is harmful and would toxicate the child.

8.You Had Better Buy Products with Clear Labels, Brands, Information about the Manufacturers, Service Life

Let’s buy toys from reputable firms, with clear information about manufacturers and service life (if any), warranty policy in case of damage. Just put yourself in the child’s position to realize the latent dangers. The more you are careful with toys the more safety will be ensure for your child’s health. Thereupon, let’s “put into your pocket” this article to carry with you whenever you buy toys for your child!

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