Experiences in choosing toys for children per age and character


Buying toys for children is not at all an easy job to do. When standing amidst a forest of sound and colours of different kinds of toys, parents will hardly escape from psychological confusion. How to choose the toys which suit the age, character of and are fond of by the child and can save the purchasing cost?

Choosing Toys for Children per Age

  • Toys for 0 – 3 Month Old Children

At this age, the child can pay attention only to those with sound and colours rather than taking, holding things. The mother therefore should choose toys in bright, striking colours as the child’s eyes can easily realize such colours. At the same time, the child can also “enjoy” soft and comfortable sounds.

Hints to Mothers:

 +Portable toys: With the moderate-sized things in the hollow of the child’s hand like dice, tintinnabulum, hydrated gum’s toy…, though cannot hold these toys yet, the child still shows its great joy.

+MP3 or music box: Music is the best way to appease and relax the child.

+Mobile phoneThe child loves the contrastive colors on mobile phone screen. The mother, have, should not let the child take the phone.

+Cloth books: There are many kinds of books made of cloth or soft materials exclusively for children. Children can “read” these till they are several years old.

+ Tintinnabulum and windbell: The sounds pleasing to the ear will certainly absorb the child. The mother may choose the kind of book with tintinnabulum so that the child can make sounds when wriggling its legs.

 Each child has different habits towards toys. Once understanding the child’s specific features and growth, mothers can choose toys which suit each child.

  • Toys for 3 – 6 Month Old Children

In this period, the child can use its hand to reach, hold toys and try to twiddle in different angles before putting that favorite thing into its mouth.

Hints to Mothers:

+Toys hanging on cradle, cage: Hanging bars are often designed with numerous toys in striking colours and at the same time can make out queer sounds. The mother may put them on the child’s vibrating chair, cradle, trolley, play carpet.

+Stuffed animals: This is the time at which many children begin to appear friendly with some certain kinds of stuffed animals. The criteria for choosing stuffed animals include the product must be soft and creates the comfortable feeling, no shedding hair.

+Play carpet: The child knows how to overturn and needs a period of time for “bossing the show”. A brilliant, colourful play carpet will make your child very happy, won’t it?!

  • Toys for 6 – 9 Month Old Children

The child becomes much more “robust”, it can take toys and strike at the floor, or strike two toys on each other to make click sounds. The child can trace hidden things. It can cling to something to stand up. These remarkable changes will serve as useful instructions for the mother in the process of choosing toys for the child.

Hints to Mothers:

+Jigboard: Your child has numerous flaps with letters printed on them and brilliant pictures to attach to a what board. With the child’s “creativeness”, there shall be no repeated flaps.

+Ball: The mother may choose cloth or safe plastic balls for the child. This is the kind of thing favoured by a good many children at different ages.

+Wood log: The mother may show the child how to stack the flaps on one another and find way to “demolish” them.

+Home-made toys: A good deal of things can be changed to the child’s toys such as bowls, cups and spoons. It’s noteworthy that the mother should choose safe and difficult to break materials.

You should try to checked carefully whether the toys have tiny parts which are easy to fall down while the child is playing or not. If detecting such parts, you should look for other toys. In case an aromatic smell is present, you should consider before deciding to buy the toy.

  • Toys for the 9 – 12 Month Old Children

The child has become extremely dynamic with the skills in creeping, crawling, walking by clinging to things. The mother will marvel at her child’s skill in solving problems! This is the time for the mother to think of buying some more new toys for the child.

Hints to Mothers:

+Hand push toys: A walker’s trolley for example, will enable the child to have the feeling of practicing walking skills.

+Jigboard: Helps the child be aware of the shapes of things and train in skillfulness of its hands by selecting the shapes fit with the holes on the board.

+Telephone toy: The child is very fond of imitating the way its parents listen to phone calls. Hence, a telephone toy will immediately absorb the child.

Choosing Toys for Children by Character

  • For Hyperactive Children

You should choose toys in their static state in order to redress the child’s  hyperactive habits. Just buy jigsaw puzzle, modeling clay…, direct the child’s attention to the hands and brain to disassemble, assemble figures, thus gradually overcoming the child’s hyperactive habit.

  • For Timid, Thoughtful Children

On the contrary, you should choose toys in dynamic state for your child who is timid, thoughtful. These toys include motor vehicles, airplanes, tanks…, or toys and games that it must play with its friends. The child will gradually become more agile and brisker.

  • For Hasty Children

Let’s choose toys characterized by creativeness so as to redress the child’s hasty disposition. Your child should play some home-made paper, wood, cloth toys that the child can make toys with its own hands. Gradually train your child in patience, meticulosity, composure.

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