Facial Expressions: DIY Emoji Game For Toddlers

Reading facial expressions is an important skill that most of toddlers need to master in order to communicate effectively with other people. Using parent’s face is too mainstream, why not turn the normal way into something more exciting?

Here is a simple but really fascinating DIY game for you to spend some time at home during the quarantine. You can easily explain facial expression as well as getting fun with your toddlers.

All you need are easy to prepare:

  • Emojis (you can draw or get the Free Printable at the end of this article)
  • Cardboards or thick papers
  • Tape or glue gun
  • Sticks or straws

How to do:

  • Step 1: Glue or stick emojis to cardboards to make them firmer
  • Step 2: Tape all over the emoji cards ( make them last longer and waterproof – you can skip this step if unneccessary)
  • Step 3: Use glue gun or tape to attach the sticks to the emoji cards

Easy to finish!

Some easy game you can play together:

  • Ask your child to guess the right emoji card
  • Let them imitate faces and describe
  • Invent a scenario with each emoji
  • Make a pair of each emoji and let your children compete (guessing, imitating, describing…)

Use your own creative mind to invent more interesting game with these emoji cards. If you do not have time to draw, just download a pack of Cat Emojis below. Kids just love cat, and a cat face can make them pay more and more attention to your game.  You can also download a pack of Normal Emojis as well.

  •  Download Cat Emojis HERE

  •  Download Normal Emojis HERE

Stay home and let’s have a great time with your kids!

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