Tipsmom’s guide: Favorite bath toys for babies


Most of babies cry or be naughty as being taken a bath. Thus, to make an easier bath time for both mother and baby, funny bath toys are indispensable because they can draw the baby’s attention. These toys are put into the tub to be friends with your child during bath time.

Parents should buy appropriate toys depending on the tub space. You can also base on your child’s interest: a duck, a train or any other colorful toys.

Note these tips as selecting a bath toys

There are various kinds of bath toys in the toy market, but not all of them are safe enough for a baby to play with. These tips below are sure helpful for you in selecting the best toys:

  • Choose the toy with high quality material and be safe in warm water.
  • The toy must be anti-fungal and waterproofed. The toy surface is smooth to avoid hurting the baby’s skin. Do not buy toy with holes or slits, they are place for mould to develop.
  • Choose ones that easy to clean, and keep them in hygienic condition.


Top 5 Favorite Bath Toys For Baby

1.Nuby Bathtime Fun Bath Toys, Octopus Hoopla, Purple

This is such a cute toy including a 3D plastic octopus and 3 plastic rings for placing into the octopus’s tentacles. This toy develops the baby’s eye concentration and hand skills. Made of non BPA Plastic, the toy is eye-catching with colorful paint. Note: for children above 3 years old.

* * * * *

2.Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy

The Boon Pipes Bath Toy features five pieces which all can suction to the wall. It suitable for all ages and arouse the creativity. Children can put the pipes together or use separately for pouring water and even make more complex structure. This is a non BPA plastic toy and completely safe for all children.

* * * * *

3. Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain, Water Pump and 4 Racing Ducks

This wonderful toy will sure make your child stay in the tub and giggle all day. It contains a unique water circulation pumping system and four mischievous colorful ducks. Children will find many ways to play with this toy, as well as developing the hand skills and mind creativity.
There are nine sound and water effects, another neat feature on this awesome toy is that there is two switches, one to control the music and another to turn it on and off. The battery is well-protected to avoid water. After washing, check it carefully and let it dry in safe place.

* * * * *

4. Stack N’ Spray Bathtub Fountain – 7 Unique Pieces With Different Functions

This toy is great because it is absolutely adorable and also teaches motor skills essential to your baby development.  You can also teach your baby about colors with this vibrant toy. The toy comes with three boats that are stackable and each boat has a different spray function. One boat spins, one has a propeller that moves and the other squirts from the top. The different functions of each piece is what your baby love most about this toy. The same with Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain, Water Pump and 4 Racing Ducks, this toy use battery to run so take a good care of it. For safety, pull the battery out each time after using.

* * * * *

5. Alex Toys Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub

If you have a baby girl above 3 years old, this is such an amazing toy for her. It contains a set with 3D floating carriage, a jeweled tree island and a royal castle – that make the girl’s bath space become a fairy corner. It goes with 3 squirters: 2 princesses and a frog prince. Putting the pieces together is super easy, they can stick on the wall for decorating and your princess will love them very much. You do not have trouble in keeping it because the toy comes with a mesh bag. You can put all pieces into the mesh bag and stick it on the wall for the next playing.

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