Five bad habits of children should be taught to give up


For small children, habits, whether good or bad, are easily formed, due to their tendency to learn from others and their awareness has not been developed.

Therefore, forming good habits and giving up bad habits of children play a very important role. With that significance, Tipsmom will advice you on five bad habits with hands children shall be taught to gradually give up to create foundation for your children to develop in a comprehensive manner.

1.Thumb Sucking

 This is nearly a habit of a good many small children, especially when they are hungry, thirsty for milk, wishing to eat, or in the teething period, thumb sucking will make them feel more comfortable. If the parents do not pay attention and let the child keep thumb sucking in this way, it will probably get into a bad habit which could hardly be given up later. Furthermore, this is also a very quick way to introduce diseases into the child’s body and result in the uneven development among the fingers, the thumb which the child usually sucks will be smaller than rest, thus causing big aesthetic disadvantage.

How to Handle: 

  • Pull the child’s hand out of the mouth immediately
  • Let the child hold dedicated tools in its mouth
  • Feed the child with milk or food immediately
  • Do not let the child feel hungry… gradually the child will wish to suck the thumb no more.


2.Nail Biting 


Most children have the bad habit of nail biting, particularly those at the age of 5-10. The reasons for nail biting, apart from the effect of heredity factor, most of the cases are due to the psychological stress caused by such reasons as families live in disharmony, parents under pressure of too high education indicators, teachers scolding students…

Nail biting results in skin lesions around the nail and makes it possible for bacteria to penetrate easily. Moreover, when the child bits too deeply, the skin area around the hand will bleed, and even get inflicted, very dangerous…

How to Handle:

  • The parents should not scold, beat but try to find out why the child likes to bit nail and deal with such reasons. If it is due to the tense pressure resulting from life’s problems, the parents should finish it completely to create psychological comfort for the child
  • At the same time analyze for the child to realize how harmful and dangerous frequent nail biting is so as to remind the child on a regular basis
  • May take measures to encourage the child by taking the child out, buying the things the child like if the child gives up this habit
  • Apply to the child’s finger tips kinds of hot oil, when the child bits nail, it will reacts and “dare not” bit any more.

3.No Hand Washing and Improper Hand Washing


Children are often lazy for cleaning their bodies, particularly for hand washing, or if they do, they often wash very perfunctorily; meanwhile, everyday their hands contact quite a lot of bacteria which may cause diseases to the bodies when they unintentionally raise their hands to the mouths.

How to Handle:

  • Instruct the child to wash its hand on a regular basis, especially after going to the toilet, after playing toys, contacting animals, picking nose, before eating…
  • Teach the child how to wash hands properly and the parents should set themselves an example for the child as children often imitate adults
  • Choose for the child the kind of hand wash liquid with interesting aroma, at the same time provide the child with videos with instructions on how to wash hands, this will be very efficient. The child will gradually get into the habit of washing hands in a careful and regular manner.

4.Nose Picking

Nose picking is a bad habit of a good many children which increases the risk of bacterial contagion through the nose and easily spreads germs to others and creates an unbeautiful image of the child when performing this action.

 The Reason that Causes the Child’s Frequent Nose Picking:

  • Due to habit
  • Due to imitating adults
  • Due to allergy, dry and hot air make the could hardly uneasy
  • Due to inflammatory nasal zone which causes itching.

How to Handle: 

  • Usually remind the child not to pick nose
  • Analyze for the child to understand the damaging effects of this bad habit
  • Find out the cause of the child’s frequent nose picking for timely handling
  • Clean the child’s nose with mineral liquid
  • Instruct the child to wash hands cleanly and use clean, soft towels for clearing the nose;
  • The parents should set an example for the child to avoid the situation in which the child learns after adults.

5.Using Hand to Beat Others When Angry or Dissatisfied


Some children have the usual habit of using its hands to beat the parents, grandparents, friends whenever it is dissatisfied, irritated by somebody. This habit will become dangerous, particularly when you send your child to a daycare center or a kindergarten.

How to Handle:

  • Display the strict attitude that you do not approve of the child’s act and analyze to help it understand why it should not do so
  • Find out about the causes that made it angry, that may probably be because of inhibition or psychological stress so as to handle immediately
  • Let the child read books, watch videos about how so as to make the child afraid and will no longer perform that act
  • Particularly, the parents should set an example for the child, should not brawl noisily with others before their child so that the child will not learn and follow.

These are the habits which most children have, nevertheless, since they are still very young, any change in the habits is easy if you follow closely the methodology and grasp the child’s psychology. We wish that you always know how to take care and bring your child up well.


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