Having a bath after giving birth to your baby?


Giving birth is a hard job that entails women trying their utmost and consuming lots of energy. Many pregnant women after giving birth refrain from washing as they believe that this would make them weaker, less able to tolerate cold, ‘blue veins’ appearing on their hands and legs later on. Then, after giving birth, should mothers have a bath? This is a question that always worries the mothers. Let’s study together with Tipsmom this question so as to have the best method of post partum care for the mother and the baby.

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Should the mother have a bath immediately after giving birth to her baby?

In the process of delivering, giving birth to her child, the pregnant mother has to undergo so many difficulties, consume so much energy, especially when contracting her muscles trying to give birth to the baby (in the case of vaginal delivery). That’s why it’s certain that most women after giving birth perspire a lot. This is an environment favourable for bacteria to appear and reproduce. So, it’s very likely that you will pass pathogenic viruses, bacteria to your baby as you are the one who most frequently attends to the baby. More dangerous are the kinds of viruses, bacteria that reside in your breasts may quickly penetrate deeply into the baby’s body and quickly cause diseases.

For normal people, if after a long time having no hair wash, the unclean head skin will affect the respiration of follicle stem cells. From that hair loss becomes worse. On the contrary, after giving birth, women’s metabolic ability is very high, with perspiring profusely, regular hair washing will speed up blood circulation in head skin, hence hair should always be clean, shimmery.

Moreover, after giving birth, the fluid volume excreted from women is great to discharge the blood volume remaining in the uterus… this may contaminate the feminine area and create the bad smell on the mother’s body.

That’s why post partum washing, personal hygiene are of extremely great importance and necessary for ensuring health of both the mother and the baby.

How long after giving birth can the mother have a bath?

Normally 3 – 4 days after giving birth body washing or hair washing is possible, you should not go without washing for long. If having had a normal delivery, you can have a bath after giving birth. Nevertheless, in the case of Caesarean section, you should not have a bath immediately after giving birth and probably have to wait for several weeks till the incision has completely healed.

Even in the case of natural childbirth, if there are any sutures, you’ll have to wait for a short time till they have completely healed before having a bath.

In general, in both cases, your doctor will be the one who decides whether you can have a bath immediately or have to wait for some more time for the sake of safety.

How to have a wash or shower correctly after giving birth?

Though washing is necessary yet this doesn’t mean that mothers can wash quite freely, particularly for mothers giving birth with Caesarean section. Below are very important points for mothers after giving birth:

  • When bathing women after being in childbirth must pay attention to bathing with warm water and washing quickly.
  • After washing must dry or use a hair drier, must not leave hair wet which may cause to get a cold.
  • No bathing and washing hair at the same time, bathing should be at 9-10 a.m., then hair washing at noon or afternoon to avoid long contact with water, to avoid dizziness and possible fall due to many movements and hanging their heads for a long time.
  • If bathing is impossible due to giving birth with Caesarean section, use warm water to clean the body once a day, when it is sunny and hot, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, with warm water at 370C.
  • When bathing, bath quickly, avoid standing in the draught.
  • Do not immerse yourself in the tub too long.
  • Do not stand under the shower, do not let water pour down directly onto the body.
  • Clean your genital organ at least 3 times, in the morning, in the afternoon and at night before going to bed; if fluids are excreted profusely, clean more times. Sanitary equipment must be clean, you had better clean with cool boiled water or warm water.
  • Antiseptic solutions are unnecessarily needed, yet water for cleaning must be clean.
  • Do not use weak saline water for cleaning, since salt crystals will absorb water and cause constant wetness to the woman’s external genital area, making good conditions for bacteria to develop.
  • After bathing, you should use dry your body with a soft, dry towel, wear reasonable warm clothes and restrict yourself to not going out in the wind when your body is not yet dry.
  • Do not have a bath when hungry or full, since this have adverse effect on the stomach, digestive system. After bathing, you had better eat something to compensate for some sap that has been lost.

Through the ways that Tipsmom has presented above, it is hoped thought women shall worry about their body cleaning no more. We wish that women and their babies will always be healthy!

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