Top 10 fastest ways to help babies get rid of flu and colds

help babies get rid of flu and colds

The cold season is coming and mothers have more concerns about the health of young children, including flu and colds, but mothers should not worry too much. With the following tips, the health status of the baby will be controlled and your children will be out of sickness and flu faster.

1. Drip a bit salt-containing water into the nose

Runny/ stuffy nose is often the first sign of a cold. This situation lasts for about 2 weeks. Snot turns from transparent to yellow a few days later. Flu can also cause runny nose, but it is not the same as that of a cold. Dripping some light salt-containing water into the noses can reduce runny nose much for both adults and children. Moms can buy Natri Clorid bottles available to use.

2. Eat chicken soup

When children have got flu or a cold, mucus in the lungs of children is than normal. Eating hot food like chicken soup can relieve mucus in the lung. Therefore, phlegm in the throat and in the nose is also less. Also, using spray humidifiers or steam bathing also help children feel more comfortable when they are sick or have got flu.

3. Drink honey

Influenza can lead to prolonged pneumonia and coughing. If you are worried about that drugs on the market harmfully affect the health of children, let them drink honey several times / day, each time with one spoon. Pay attention that this method is only applied to children aged 1 year and older.

4. Use medicines/herbs

Some medicines or herbs that can help the throat of babies reduce irritation safely. You can let your child try some cough medicines, but do not forget to tell doctors the baby’s age before buying these medicines.

5. Take painkillers

The flu can cause the babies headaches or muscle aches. To prevent some worsening symptoms and to help your children more comfortable, you should let children take painkillers as directed by your doctor. Then, monitor the evolution of the child’s illness.

6. Check the ears of the babies

Severe colds can injure child’s middle ear infections. The worst situation is to cause middle ear infections making babies die. For peace of mind, you should take your baby to see the doctor and take medicines timely to prevent worse diseases.

7. Drink plenty of water

Flu and colds usually cause a high fever and dehydration. Drinking plenty of water will help rehydration and reduce fever simply and more effectively. You always monitor your child’s body temperature using thermometers. If the child have a high fever over 40 degrees Celsius or more than 2 days for children aged 6 months and older, make a call to the doctor immediately to control the child’s situation.

8. Let children take more rest

When children suffer from sickness, fever, headache, discomfort/pains in hands & legs and focus inability, they need to take more rest than usual. Mothers should create the best environment for the child take a rest comfortably, for example, turning off lights, making no noise and preparing a warm or cool bed for children.

9. Drink tea or fruit juice

Many children suffer from anorexia when being ill with symptoms such as nausea and bad taste. Surely, your child can not eat as much as usual, but the water is indispensable for children with a fever and tiredness. A cup of chamomile tea, juices or ice cream can help the child’s throat become more pleasant and remove nausea.

10. Be aware in the choice of drug

Young children have weaker health resistance than adults, so the dosage and type of medicines for young children are different from those of adults. For children quickly from illness/flu, mothers should be cautious in prescribing drugs for infants and should follow the instructions of doctors. Absolutely, do not let children take medicines with unknown doses.

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