How to help your child overcome his fears?

Helping children overcome common fears

Since very small, children have been obsessed with various fears. If parents do not reassure in time, the fears might have a bad influence on children’s mental health. In this article, Tipsmom gives you some advices to deal with 7 common fears that almost children already have.

1.Fear of dark:

Little one thinks: “I can’t see anything in the dark. I feel nervous!”

Most of children are afraid of the dark – popular fear with unknown cause. To cope with this fear, teach your child to turn on the lights around the house and buy a small bed lamp for him/her. Let the child control the light level as going to bed, and then gradually decrease it. You can go for a walk with the little one at night and talk about new interesting things that can be seen in the dark such as the moon, stars, fireflies or bright lanterns…

2.Fear of ghosts:

Little one thinks: “There is something hiding behind the wardrobe door/ at the corner/ under my the bed!”

Children with imagination can create any kinds of ghosts or monsters hiding in the shadow, at the dark corner or anywhere. We all know that there is no ghost or monster exist, but it is useless to explain it to young children. So, listen to your child and help him/her prevent this fear until they are grown up enough to understand. You can make a label “No ghost allowed” and stick on the bedroom door or spraying around the room the make sure that monsters cannot enter.

3.Fear of weather:

Little one thinks: “I’m scared of thunders and howling winds!”

To help your child deal with this fear, explain about weather phenomena. Playing outdoors together to teach them how to enjoy the sun, rain or wind. If your house is at windy /stormy… area, make sure your child know how to act in each situation.

4.Fear of nightmares:

Little one thinks: “I don’t want to sleep alone, I might have a nightmare!”

Sometime they do not say it but you know that your children is having a nightmare through their actions: sleep walking, screaming, crying, telling nonsense stories or do not want to go to sleep. Hug your child and calm him/her down with favorite blanket, pillow or a stuffed animal. Show your presence to make your child feel safe. If this situation keeps continuing and becomes worse, ask for help from a doctor.

5.Fear of strangers:

Little one thinks: “I want to stick to mother whenever seeing a stranger, because I don’t know who they are and what they are going to do!”

Actually the fear of strangers has a good side, it is a self-defense action: children have better not go with anyone they do not know. Let the child have time to get acquainted first. You should stay with your children as they contact with new ones and be friendly to make example. If your child is timid and shy, talk about it with the guests and tell them about the child’s hobbies. This can make them get closer easily.

6.Fear of distance:

Little one thinks: “Why do you have to go? Will you come back? If you never come back to me?”

Children often feel unsafe if their favorite person go away. Make a frequent “goodbye schedule” in order to avoid them from sudden surprise. Get a babysitter whenever you have to go out. Say goodbye before leaving and do not off without let them know. They understand that you will come back and do not fear anymore.

7.Fear of doctors:

Little one thinks: “I dislike doctor because he will inject. That’s hurt so much!”

The fear of doctors is very common because they notice that hospital is place of pains and diseases. Let them know about the procedure they have to be done and use a gift for being courageous. Telling a story or singing together as waiting at the hospital are also good ideas. Do not forget to praise them after everything is done.

Tipsmom hopes that these advices above will be useful for you to handle children’s fears. Do you child have any other fear? Tell me about it!

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