How to choose the best baby bathtub?


Choosing an appropriate bathtub for your baby is very important. If you use the adult bath tub, it could be dangerous because with a little mistake your baby might get hurt or slip into the water. Thus, the first thing to think about as welcoming your baby is browsing a good bathtub. If you are still confusing, consider these advices below:

Browsing advices

1. Suitable material for the baby’s age:

The most important thing is choosing a bathtub made of right material. There are various kinds such as hard plastic tubs, tubs with sling inserts to hold infants in place, foldable tubs, inflatable tubs…

Choose the bathtub according to your child’s age is our advice. For infants, use tub made of high-quality plastic: it should be thick enough not to be bended by the weight of the baby and water. The tub’s surface must be really smooth in order to avoid hurting your baby.

2. The bathtub’s height and width:

The next thing you have to consider is the bathtub’s design. A too big tub is unsafe, so that you should use a specific one designed for baby only. The height of the tub must be suitable for both the mother and the child without causing any pain or troubles as taking a bath.

3. Easy to clean:

Do not be too sparing as choosing a tub without drain hole or soap holder. These bathtubs are cheap but very inconvenient. A good bathtub for a baby should be the one that is easy to clean up and make comfort as much as possible.

4. Other functions:

  • Tubs with water thermometer: it is such an useful function that help parents determine the right water temperature for baby, not too hot or too cold.
  • Some modern tubs are designed with water heater that keep the water warm all the bath time. Moreover, there are non slippery tubs – most safety for your baby.
  • You should choose colorful bathtubs because children are extra sensitive to colors’ impact. Your baby might love bath time due to a beautiful bright tub more than a dark one.
  • Check all parts of the tubs carefully before buying in order to avoiding sharp corners. They are very dangerous for the baby’s skin.


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Top 3 Best Baby Bathtub

1.Best Standard Baby Bathtub: Primo EuroBath

Best baby bathtub

This American bathtub is made of non – toxic plastic and is easy to clean. Its big size is appropriate for your baby’s development and keeps the child in the ideal bathing position, prevent them from slipping underwater.

2.Best Convertible Baby Bathtub: The First Years Y3155 Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling

Best baby bathtub

This is one of the most common bathtub for baby with simple design, cheap price but is still comfortable for your child. It got the Best Bathtub in BabyCenter’s Mom’s Picks 2014 awards. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Baby Bath is suitable of baby’s development from newborn to toddler stage. Other attachments are mesh sling and paddle head rest. This tub also has holders for soap and toys.

3.Best Modern Baby Bathtub: 4Moms Infant Tub

Best baby bathtub

This is a modern designed bathtub with good functions such as water recirculating system and water thermometer. The thermometer screen is color-coded; it turns green at right temperature and blue for too cold water. If the water is too hot for the baby, it will be red. The disadvantage of this tub is the requirement of using 3 AAA battery. It could be a trouble as using in wet environment.

Baby Bathtub Safety Advice
  • Do not leave the baby alone in the tub without caring. It is very dangerous because the baby could head slips into the water or catching a cold.
  • Make sure that you have put the tub on a surface.
  • You should not move the tub with the baby in it; it could be very heavy with the weight of both water and the baby.

Tipsmom hopes that this article is helpful for you. If you are using a bathtub for your baby and have some useful experience, please let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks a lot!

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