How to massage infants and young children

How to massage infants and young children

Massaging, caressing or touching the baby’s skin can help to develop motherhood, help young children relax, and help to promote the production of growth hormone and to stimulate the development of the central nervous system of infants and young children. That is the reason why you should start practicing massage for children regularly and turns it into a child’s daily routine. Below are detailed guides to massage your baby and some attentions when performing this work.

Some notes of massaging for babies and young children

  • Before the massage, always make sure that your baby is in a state of happy, not hungry or full.
  • Don’t massage when babies are sleeping.
  • Select a flat and clean surface to put the baby up before a massage.
  • Set up a towel or thin blanket on the massage surface so that children do not suffer from pains.
  • Remove clothes from children, then change diapers and prepare the massage steps for legs, arms, chest, abdomen, head and back.
  • Pay attention to massage force so as not to cause bruising on the skin of babies.
  • Stop massaging if babies are irritable and cry during massage.
  • Maintain massage like a daily routine.
  • Talk to children during massage.
  • Below are detailed guides to massage infants and young children

1. Preparations:

  • A warm towel
  • A light blanket
  • Oils or massage milk (for babies and young children)

2. Massage legs

Massage legs

  • You should begin massaging the baby’s legs because legs are more sensitive parts than other organs.
  • First, gently hold the baby’s ankles and lift one leg higher than child’s knees.
  • Use a little oil and wrap your hands around one of the baby’s thighs and pull down. Do slowly and use moderate force. Repeat the massage movements in one direction from top to bottom 5 times. Add skinny oil while massaging thighs and calves.
  • Stroke the top of your baby’s feet from the toes down to the feet. Pay attention to massage in circles in the middle of the foot to achieve blood circulation effectively as possible.
  • Finally, slightly bend toes and rub each toe.
  • Switch legs and repeat.

3. Message arms

Message arms

  • First, use one hand to hold the baby’s wrist and use the other hand to gently pat the child’s arm.
  • Raise the baby’s arms up and gently squeeze from top to bottom.
  • Then, put the child’s arms down and gently squeeze from top to bottom again.
  • Hold on the baby’s arm by using your two hands and gently squeeze from top to bottom as if you’re “milking”.
  • Keep the baby’s hands and massage the baby’s fingers in a circle.
  • Swipe from the wrist to fingers, then gently squeeze and draw the fingers.
  • Switch arms and repeat. Use massage oil for babies during the hand massage.

4. Massage chest

Massage chest

Using a little oil, wrap your hands around one of her thighs and pull down, one hand after the other, squeezing gently, as if you’re “milking” her leg. Switch legs and repeat.

  • Use a little massage oil; wrap your hands on the baby’s chest.
  • Gently stroke your hands outward with the starting point of the baby’s center chest.
  • Start with your upper chest before: put your palms at the middle of chest and lightly stroke to two sides.
  • Continue to massage shoulders from top to bottom.
  • Repeat some times and massage two shoulders at the same time.

5. Massage abdomen

Massage abdomen

Abdomen is one of the sensitive parts of babies and small children, so you need to use moderate force to not cause them discomfort.

  • First, pour massage oil on your fingers and massage into the baby’s abdomen under the circles clockwise.
  • You can massage the baby’s abdomen according to the style “I Love You”:  Start with “I” -shaped massage from top to bottom, then move to “L” -shaped massage and finally move to “Y”-shaped massage.
  • Massage the baby’s face and head
  • First, keep your baby’s head with two hands; gently massage the baby’s head like washing the baby’s hair. Skip the fontanelle of infants because these are sensitive soft bones.
  • Continue to massage the baby’s young from the forehead to the chin and neck: Massage the baby’s forehead horizontally from the center of the forehead to 2 sides of temporal bone, then rub the child’s cheek under the circle, then massage from the chin upwards 2 cheeks. Repeat a few times. You can use massage oils to relax children.

6. Massage back

Massage back

  • Have your baby lie face down, outstretch the baby’s two legs and start message steps if the baby does not appear upset and does not cry.
  • One of your hands holds the baby’s buttocks and the other hand rubs oil and stroke gently from the neck down to the buttocks
  • Next, use your fingertips, trace tiny circles on the side of the baby’s spine and repeat some times.
  • Rub the baby’s back in bigger circles.
  • Massage the baby’s buttocks in larger circles.
  • Finally, stroke the entire back again from top to bottom and complete the massage for the whole body of babies and young children.

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