How to start your morning right?

How to start your morning right

Morning is the most busy and tense period of the day. Nevertheless, one should not  concentrate so much on work that forget this is time for improving physical strength and maintaining fitness. How a new day starts will decide one’s mood and health indexes of the whole day.

Let’s start a new day with a radiant smile. A good beginning for a new day will not only gives you more energy to work but also make the pregnant mother look more beautiful. Below are some good habits for the pregnant mother and the whole family to have a morning happy and full of vitality.

1.Going to bed early

How to start your morning rightIn order to be of sound mind in early morning, pregnant mother should not sit up late in the previous night but going to bed early. When getting up, you will feel healthy and cheerful. You should sleep from at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Moreover, getting a good night’s sleep will help the pregnant mother have more energy for the whole gestation.

2.Cleaning the teeth with warm water

Most people get into the habit of tidying themselves up, particularly cleaning teeth, with cold water. However, it has been recommended by dental specialists that cleaning teeth with cold or hot water doesn’t help protect your teeth. Since sudden hot, cold stimuli will affect the normal metabolism of teeth and gums, even causing pulpal bleeding and cramps. Cleaning regularly with cold water will also be likely to cause dental and oral diseases, thus reducing tooth life expectation. Japanese medical specialists have recommended that one should use warm water 35 ~ 390C to clean teeth for the best dental and oral health protection.

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3.Drinking water early in the morning

Drinking-water-early-in-the-morning-Tipsmom Drinking water early in the morning will help in discharging toxins from the body is very good for health. Purified water will facilitate blood circulation, supplement to the short water. Drink water when your stomach is still empty, that means before breakfast so as to speed up blood circulation, body cleansing and digestive cleansing.

You should drink in small sips, because drinking too fast and too much will be likely to result in hypotension and lead to headache, nausea. Many people usually like to use water from fridge every morning after getting up and think that it is an effective method to create a spiritual buoyancy. As a matter of fact, too cold water is not good for health, since at this time the stomach is being empty, too cold or too hot water will stimulate and causes uncomfortableness to the stomach.

4.Having a wholesome breakfast

Pregnant mothers should never ignore breakfasts as this may cause harm to their health and to the fetus too. The important thing is that there must be a wholesome breakfast containing all kinds of vitamins and protein. Breakfasts add energy to the body and provide stamina, increase endurance. Together with your favoured breakfast, you will feel full of energy and enthusiasm for a good new day.

5.Listening to the music

Music will help not only in relaxing but also in making people look younger. Thus, just begin a new day with your favorite pieces of music. Music will do away with exhaustion, tension and bring a perfect beginning for a new day.

6.Practicing Yoga and meditation

It will be great if the pregnant mother can practice Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation will assist the pregnant mother in putting her mind at peace and comfortableness. Practicing Yoya or meditation early in the morning will make you feel of sound mind and cheerful all day long. Meditation may help you with the ability to concentrate while Yoga helps you to train in patience. These are factors necessary for your daily activities.

7.Giving an optimistic smile

How to start your morning rightWhat is a better way to begin a new day than giving a smile on your lips? You need only to wake up with a smile to make your face radiantly beautiful. Read the lovely messages welcoming a new day to perceive that life is always new so as to be spiritually happy and physically strong all day.




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