Indispensable things for the pregnant mother


The things below will help expectant mothers reduce stress, fatigue to be more comfortable with their pregnancy and have a healthy gestation.

1.Embracing pillow

Embracing-pillowAs recommended by experts, lying on one’s left side and with a pillow between the two legs is the most beneficial sleeping pose during pregnancy which can not only help the expectant mother sleep better but also assist in increasing the blood flow to the embryo. Further, this pose also enables the expectant mother to reduce the static pressure on cardinal veins, thus reducing the state of two legs swelling during pregnancy. The mother should not forget to afford a small pillow to protect her sleep!

2.Maternity dresses

Despite making constant effort to keep the body tidy when expecting a child, you still should afford several dresses for pregnant mothers. In the first months of gestation, you can “salvage” the old things, but in the last three months when the body grows most “bulky”, maternity dresses will help you feel much more comfortable.

3.Flat-heeled shoes

Flat-heeled-shoes-for-pregnancyIt is difficult to resist the great charm of the high-heeled shoes and the beauty they bring about, but when expecting a baby, expectant mothers should accustom themselves to pairs of flat-heeled shoes. Not only providing comfort for the mother’s feet, a pair of flat-heeled shoes help protect the fond baby from risk when the mother falls, as when expecting, your ability to keep balance will much worse than normal.

A small tip for expectant mothers: When expecting, particularly in the last stage, your feet may increase by 1-2 numbers than the normal size and will return to the former size after giving birth. Therefore, the expectant mother should not try to wear tiny pairs of shoes! It’s not good for blood circulation at all!

4.Dental and oral care kit

In your expecting period, your mouth may be drier, your gums became more sensitive thereby gingivitis is likely to occur. In this period, you had better buy a new dental and oral kit including a soft-bristled toothbrush or single-use dental thread for daily use which will help keep your dental and oral conditions always healthy.


Feeling no more uncomfortable due to menstrual days, pregnant mothers think that they can say good-bye to this friend? Actually, pregnant mothers still need tampons for daily menstrual hygiene tampon to impregnate exudation oozing out from the vulva, together the urine that “leaks out” every time they cough or sneeze.

6.Vegetable oils

CoconutOilCracked skin during pregnancy is always a headache causing problem of a good many people and you could hardly do anything to “annihilate” all these cracks once they have occurred on the skin. The only thing the mother can do is to reduce the “damage” by providing moisture and help increase skin elasticity. In this case, such natural oils as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. are your right choices.



7.Suitable bras

Women breasts usually have great change in size when pregnant. Hence, these bras will often be unsuitable for you. At the same time, bras with tight frames may repress breast tissues, resulting in jammed mammary glands. This time, the pregnant mother should prepare a large breasted coat in order to reduce breast pains. You can choose for yourself coats with little buffer at the chest and without frame to keep the breasts comfortable and stimulated in a normal manner later on. In addition, you should also change very often your bras while expecting to conform to the daily increasing breasts.

8.Expectant mothers’ pants

Similar to bras, normal pants cannot bring about the feeling of comfort at the belly as the pants especially designed for expectant mothers. In order to move around easily, pregnant mothers should choose the pants with airy, elastic materials for the sake of suitability. A smooth, tailor-made for pregnant mothers will be necessary for them to feel comfortable and the fetuses will also feel comfortable to grow.

9.Sleep support tools

In this period, you may need some more things to support better sleep such as a fan, a noise reducer, ear plugs, etc. Further, you should have a pillow or a foot rest cushion for sleeping better.

10.Entertainment devices for expectant mothers

Entertainment-devices-for-expectant-mothersStress, fatigue… are the common feelings often seen in expectant mothers. For that reason, a music box or simply a favorite book will assist pregnant mothers in relaxing with their favorite songs, intellectual games, interesting stories and updating on knowledge about pregnancy… are also necessary. At the same time, according to research by scientists, listening to music in a regular manner is very good for the brain development of fetuses.



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