Printable Shoe Lacing Cards

Putting shoes on is an obviously thing that everyone needs to know every time going outside. It is a part, a necessary part of getting dressed process. And surely our kids have to do it independently as they are growing up. For toddlers, teaching them how to put the right shoes on and tying the shoelace is not easy due to their lacking of skills. Using real shoes to teach is an effective way, but if you do not want to waste – toddlers are always destructive, you can use cardboard shoes instead.

What you need:

  • Shoes with lace holes picture (download below)
  • Cardboard or PVC foam board
  • Hole puncher or big scissors
  • Shoelace or simply any proper wire


How to do: 

  • Stick the shoe picture to the cardboard and then cut it out 
  • Use hole puncher or scissors to make eyelets



  • Children can tell the left shoe/ right shoe
  • Children know how to thread the shoelace through the eyelet
  • Children know how to tie shoelace correctly



  •  If your children are under 4-5 years old, objective 3 might be too hard. Do not force them to do it. Guide them at every steps and be patient.
  • You can stick the shoes cards to a busy board, using hook and loop tape (good for teaching right and left).


Kids can tell the left shoe from the right shoe

DIY Busy board for toddlers

You can download Shoe Lacing Cards HERE


Choosing wether the pink pairs, blue pairs or pink-blue pairs


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