7 symptoms show that children suffer from pinworm

7 symptoms show that children suffer from pinworm

Pinworm is a parasite living in the child’s gut without symptoms for identification. They quietly take away vitamins and minerals and cause adverse effects on the health of young children
Without timely worming for children, children will suffer from malnutrition, iron deficiency, low weight and adverse effects on children’s physical health. Here are 7 symptoms of pinworms in children:

1. Drool more
If mothers see children drooling a lot unreasonably, please do not beate or abuse children. It was not due to pinworm in the child’s abdomen. Pinworm is the reason for secreting more saliva in the child’s mouth

2. Child’s smelly excreta
If child’s excreta is smellier than before, it may be due to pinworm in the abdomen

3. Have got bellyache
This is often seen when a child suffers from  pinworm infection, but it can also be a symptom of other diseases.

4. Itch around the anus
This sign shows that pinworm goes down to the anus. Especially in the early morning, children itch their anus due to the worm’s harassment. Babies who have just know how to walk often have symptoms

5. Not sleep sound/well
Having bellyache and itching anus make children not sleep well at night

6. Suck objects in the mouth
Babies who often suck objects into their mouth are very susceptible to suffer from pinworms. And when a child suffers from pinworms, the child will suck objects more  and won’t have a good taste when eating thing.

7. Have red spots on the skin’s
In a few rare cases, children have red spots on their arms and legs when they suffer from pinworm.
When you see your child have the signs above, let’s worm for children appropriately.

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