7 extremely important notices for pregnant women when taking bath in the winter

taking bath in the winter

In the cold winter, pregnant women need to take a bath with hot water, but if the bathing habit is safe and beneficial enough for the health of both mother and baby. Below are 7 things that pregnant women should bear in mind when bathing in winter:

1. Should pregnant women take a bath with hot water?

Soaking in hot water more than 10 minutes can be dangerous to the fetus as it reduces the blood flow to the fetus and can threaten the baby’s life. Moreover, your vagina may also be infected because hot water is an ideal environment for bacteria growing. However, bathing with hot water in winter is essential. If the water temperature is warm enough and the bath time is appropriate, it is completely safe for pregnant women.

2. Choosing bath time

During the pregnancy, your body becomes vulnerable. Bathing too early in the morning or too late at night is not good for both mother and baby as it can change your body temperature to which your body cannot adapt. This can result in a cold and life- threatening complications. Choose the bath time in the late morning or early afternoon and bath when your body is as ready as possible.

3. No steambath allowed

The temperature of the steam room is higher than that of normal bath and may affect the fetal development. More importantly, the steam can lead to vaginal bleeding and amniotic fluid leakage.

4. Do not take a bath after eating

Pregnant women should avoid bathing right after eating or while still full. When you eat a lot, the blood vessels dilate and blood circulation decreases. Furthermore, bathing right after eating also causes blood pooling in the lower part of the body and limits blood flow to the fetus. Also, it prevents digesting food, triggering a sudden decrease of blood glucose level and endanger the pregnant women.

5. Pay attention to water temperature

You should not bath with water over 36oC. The rule is to open the cold water tap first, and then turn on the hot water tap. You should also check the water temperature with your elbow or arm since the skin in these areas is more sensitive than other areas.

6. Drink some water while bathing

Bathing with hot water make you lose your skin moisture faster. Always prepare a water bottle in the bathroom to drink in time or in case you want to shower a little longer than usual.

7. Bath with husband, why not?

This will not only help you feel more relaxed but also create emotional connection between your couple in this sensitive stage. You can ask him massage your back, legs and hands to reduce your fatigue, relax your muscle, relieve the pain and have peace of mind. With these great benefits, you should not hesitate to suggest it to your husband even though you have never tried this method.

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