8 reasons why pregnant women should talk with their unborn babies every day

talking to your unborn baby

Pregnancy is extremely good news for the couple expecting a baby. The changes of the baby during pregnancy make mothers be always excited. At this stage, pregnant women can talk to their babies and send messages of love to their babies. In fact, mothers and babies also get many other benefits

1. Stimulate the baby’s development of hearing abilities

The listening ability of unborn babies begins to form from the 14th week of pregnancy. During this period, doctors often encourage pregnant women to chat with their babies to build up the motherhood. According to experts, talking to unborn babies can promote the development of neuron nerves that are responsible for hearing. In addition to chatting, mothers can sing songs to their babies or let their babies listen to music.

2. Help babies learn languages ​​faster

In addition to stimulating the ability to hear, mothers’ talking with babies also helps babies develop language skills and social skills effectively. According to the researchers, the brain of unborn babies has the ability to remember words and tone when they are in their mothers’ belly. As a result, at the of school age, children will be able to learn languages more quickly

3. Help babies feel safe when they heard their mothers’ voice

In addition to brain development, the silent communication between mothers and babies also affects the psychology of the baby, which will help babies feel safer. In particular, babies can recognize the familiar voices of their mothers and do not feel lonely during those long months in the womb

4. Stimulate the baby’s brain development

Not only mothers but fathers also help their baby develop listening skills more quickly due to the difference between the mother’s voice and father’s voice. Typically, father’s voice is deeper and louder than mother’s voice and unborn babies have an ability to analyze pitch and tone to know who they are talking with

5. Help pregnant women practice some parenting skills

Chatting with unborn babies is one of the effective ways to help mothers practice some parenting skills before birth. You should spend some private time during the day to talk with your unborn baby so that your story becomes most natural

6. Help mothers know the unborn babies’ health situation during pregnancy

Chatting and gently stroking the belly is a way in order for moms to wake babies up for playing with their moms. If babies respond through movements in the womb, this indicates that your babies are healthy and very excited to communicate by gestures with you

7. Help mothers understand their responsibilities for their children

Health care for babies before they are born is the joy of fathers and mothers. Moreover, you need to understand that talking to unborn babies is what is always encouraged by reproductive health experts and doctors.

8. Help each family become closer

When both fathers and mothers chat with their babies, children, their family relationships have become close-knit. The relationship between a husband and a wife was tighter. Many cases of fathers and mothers become tighter because they want to live in peace in order for babies who are born to have a happy family.

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