The things which pregnant women should not do during pregnancy


The start of pregnancy is the time when pregnant women begin to learn how to avoid some actions which have harmful effects on the fetus. Here are some things that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy.

To have a healthy body during pregnancy, you should pay attention to keep health and avoid doing heavy work affecting the fetus:

1.Avoid climbing and doing heavy work

If mums regularly climb or carry heavy things on the shoulders, mums will slip easily. This is dangerous to the fetus and mums themselves. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid these things and do not hesitate to ask others to help.

2. Avoid bending the body/head regularly

The postures in which you bend down to pick something and to grow rice, easily affect the spine/backbone. It has not been mentioned that bending the body/head can lead to the hematomas in the head and it easily causes dizziness and falls, so you should seek help from other people or should kneel down slowly to do if necessary.

  3.Avoid crossing your legs and folding your knees

The habits of cross-legging contribute to restrict the blood flow, particularly varicose veins during pregnancy. You should close your feet and move them toward one direction. This posture is not only graceful but also comfortable. The habits of bending knees will cause severe pressure on the lower back. Each force is preferably done on both legs and it is good to sit up straight.

4.Avoid standing up and sitting down abruptly

If mothers suddenly stand up after sitting, this suddenly converted posture will make you dizzy. Therefore, you should hold onto the knees and slowly move to the front seat, straighten the legs, distribute the body weight evenly on both the feet, use your hands to support and gently stand up.

5.Avoid standing too long

Standing too long obstructs blood flow and causes swelling and discomfort in the ankles and feet or even causes feet edema … These impacts negatively affect pregnant women. Thus, if pregnant women must stand for long periods, they should put one foot on a small chair and change the posture with the other foot every five/ten minutes.

6.Avoid wearing high heels

Wearing high heels causes the whole weight to be focused on toes and the bad blood flow and it is easy to cause swollen feet. It has not been mentioned that it is easy for mothers to suffer from stumble during traveling when wearing high heels! Thus, at the start of pregnancy, women who often wear high heels should wear low-heeled or flat-heeled shoes in order to balance the body weight and to travel more easily.

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