Tips on Diaper Changing

When the diaper seems too big

Tips on Diaper Changing

1. Lose around the thighs: Seal the tapes lower

Tips on Diaper Changing

2. Diaper is too long: Seal the tapes as low as possible. Fold the excess portion in front outwards.

Tips on Diaper Changing

3. Excess space at the back: Seal the tapes downwards at an angle.

When it seems too tight around the thighs

Tips on Diaper Changing

Seal the tapes higher towards the top of diaper

When it seems too loose around the thighs

Tips on Diaper Changing

Seal the tapes lower towards the center of diaper.

When should I change to a larger diaper size?

  • When the diaper feels tight around the waist and thighs, or leaves marks on the skin
  • When you are using the edge of the tape seal to hold the diaper in place
  • When the diaper rise shortens and the waist line goes below the navel
  • When there is an increase in the quantity of your baby’s pee and poo, resulting in leakage
  • When your baby’s weight exceeds the indicated range in the diaper size selection guide.

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