Tips help pregnant women fly safely

Tips help pregnant women fly safely

When pregnant women travel by plane, they should prepare a thorough plan and choose time to ensure absolute safety for mothers and unborn babies when traveling by plane.

Traveling by plane is always a convenient option for everyone, including pregnant women. However, pregnant women should carefully learn about the provisions of the airlines and carefully prepare to have a safe and comfortable flight.

The best time to travel by plane

If you plan to travel by plane, it’s the best to arrange it in the first and second trimester. Specifically, the second trimester is a “gold” time for you to travel by airplane or any other means. In these 3 months, morning sickness disappears and you have not become too heavy for travelling.

In the last months of pregnancy, it is high time for you to rest and wait for your unborn baby instead of undergoing long trips. Some women also avoid travelling by plane in the first 3 months because of worrying about the high risk of miscarriage.

In fact, if you are in good health and have no serious health problems, you can absolutely undergo flights until the 36th week.


More-than-5-hour flights may increase blood clots. You can buy some specialized types of socks for people with this condition. Also, drinking plenty of water and moving regularly also help you reduce this risk.

Also, be cautious if you have diabetes, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and premature birth.

Some provisions of airlines

Although you do not get in trouble when you buy tickets, you may have to cancel flights when you cannot provide sufficient documents certifying your health status for the staff of the airline at the airport. For example, Vietnam Airlines does not carry women in the last week before the expected date of birth and pregnant women after 32 weeks without a medical certificate certificated by the hospital.

Also, if you belong to one of the following subjects, you should prepare health certificates if you want to have the flights of this airline:

– Having twins or triplets

– Being pregnant by artificial insemination.

– Not identifying when you started being pregnant.

– There may be problems at birth

Preparation for flights

Flights should be booked early. Besides, you need to complete some medical certification procedures prescribed by the airlines.

During the flight, you need to drink plenty of water, wear loose and comfortable clothes, and move back and forth in the passenger compartment if possible. You can also do a few moves in your place to become be of sound mind and refresh. When using the seat belt, you need to put it under the belly and across the pelvis. If the seat belt is too short, please ask for help from attendants.

Some notes for pregnant women when travelling by plane

–  Do not have too long flights. Ideally, book flights under 4-5 hours.

– Tell the truth about the age of fetus and your state of health before boarding.

– Bring you with a prenatal check-up book or related papers to prove the age of the fetus.

– The safest time for pregnant women to travel by plan is the second trimester pregnancy (from the 18th week to the 24th week).

– In the onward 28th week of pregnancy, when going to the airport, pregnant women will have to write papers to indemnify the airlines against pregnancy risks. Many airlines require health certificates from doctors. And sometimes security staff or airline staff can also refuse to carry pregnant women if there is something unusual.

– From the onward 35th/36th weeks, pregnant women should not travel by planes. It is prescribed by most of the airlines because of risks. On the planes, there are no doctors, particularly obstetricians. Therefore, if any problem arises, it will be risky for mothers and babies.

– In all the check-in counters and boarding time at the national or international airports, pregnant women and families with young children are always given priority to do flight procedures.

– In addition, when travelling by plane, pregnant women should only carry lightweight items, should bring a small pillow to lean back in case the plane does not have or not enough. Mothers should bring a little snack, milk and water. Wearing loose clothes helps moms feel comfortable and pleasant.

When on the plane, pregnant mothers should not to sit too long; sometimes stand up and walk around; recline your seat back and let your legs comfortably. You can tell staff at the check-in counter so that you can be seated on the outside walkways and can conveniently to go to the toilet.

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