Tips to deal with dizziness during pregnancy

Tips to deal with dizziness during pregnancy

Dizziness during pregnancy is fairly common phenomenon and it is caused due to many different causes. Many mothers suffer from this horrible feeling. Find out the cause so that mothers can have appropriate precautions to help pregnant mothers feel more comfortable during pregnancy.


Hypoglycemia is a reduction in blood sugar below normal levels. When suffering from hypoglycemia, pregnant mothers often feel hungry and tired; suffer from shaky hands, trembling legs, dizziness, sweating and pale face. At that time, mothers should drink a glass of sugar water or eat candy. Hypoglycemia during pregnancy is not too dangerous, but mothers are not subjective. If this phenomenon occurs repeatedly, mothers need to see doctors for examinations immediately.


Dehydration also cause pregnant mother to suffer from dizziness. Mothers try to add enough water to avoid dehydration.

Increase hormone progesterone

The main task of the hormone progesterone to nourish the placenta, stimulate the growth of uterine blood vessels, and to help pregnant mothers with a stable and healthy pregnancy. Increasing hormone progesterone helps to increase blood flow to the fetus but it reduces the amount of blood returning to the brain and causes low blood pressure.

The changes of circulator system

During pregnancy, the circulatory system has certain changes to complete the tasks of nourishing the fetus during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the heartbeat of pregnant mothers increase, and blood is put to the heart more than usual each minute and the amount of blood in the body also increase by 40-45%. Sometimes the body does not produce enough blood leading to dizziness, vertigo, fatigue.

Rise temperatures

If pregnant women stay longer in the hot room with a high temperature, it can make them tired, leading to dizziness. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should avoid hot areas and should wear cool clothes. Pregnant women should avoid taking a shower with warm water instead of hot water.

Low blood pressure

The bigger the fetus is the more easily it pinches up the blood vessels. When pregnant mother lie flat on their back, the increase of progesterone causes blood vessels expand. This means the amount of blood will be transmitted to the fetus more, but it will be transmitted to the mother less, which makes low blood pressure.

In addition, hot weather will increase the risk of low blood pressure and dehydration for pregnant women. When standing up for a long time, pregnant women are easy to suffer from dizziness due to low blood pressure. During pregnancy, the blood tends to put down the legs with a poor circulation. If suddenly lying down or standing up, women would feel vertigo and dizziness.

Compared with high blood pressure, low blood pressure is not dangerous and is also less common. However, low blood pressure often leads to vertigo and dizziness at a severe level, which will make pregnant women fall and cause injuries to them and their babies in the belly.

Tips to deal with dizziness during pregnancy

  • Lie on the side

Lying on the side helps blood flow better, reduces vertigo and dizziness. If pregnant women suffer from dizziness, they should quickly sit down until they stop feeling dizzy.

  • Stand up slowly

When you sit down, the body’s blood will be put into lower places such as feet and calf muscles. If you suddenly stand up, the blood flow in the legs cannot move on the heart, causing sudden blood pressure drop, causing dizziness. Therefore, pregnant mothers should stand up slowly. If lying, pregnant mothers should also sit up slowly. Then, pregnant women stand still for a spot within a few minutes. If you have to stand too long, you should move the legs to maintain the circulation in the legs. You avoid wearing tight leggings to help blood flow to the lower body parts better.

  • Drink enough water

Mothers should pay attention to drink enough water every day, mostly normal water to avoid dehydration causing fatigue and dizziness.

  • Maintain a daily exercise regime

Taking exercise regularly can maintain a stable blood pressure. Moms can take gentle exercises such as walking, cycling and yoga.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

Mothers should maintain a scientific diet and supplement enough nutrients during pregnancy. Mothers should always carry a few sweet in case mothers suffer from dizziness.

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