Top 10 effective tips for pregnant women to cure hemorrhoids

Top 10 effective tips for pregnant women to cure hemorrhoids

There is a short tube that contains the blood vessels connecting the rectum and the anus.  When you suffer from constipation, blood vessel will be swollen. Each time your excrement goes through and touches this swollen area, making your anal bleeding, itching or even painful as magnated by a bee.

During pregnancy, the increase in your blood volume makes your uterus be cornered in the pelvic area. This condition causes the veins in the rectum and anus to become swollen louder. As a result, the veins rise into lumps like grapes. You can not cure hemorrhoids completely, especially when you are pregnant. One of the best ways to prevent hemorrhoids in this sensitive period is to increase activities and not to sit long in one place. Also, some other natural tips can also help you reduce hemorrhoids effectively as follows:

1. Drink plenty of water

To reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you should drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water each day. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water also helps pregnant women avoid constipation, one of the common diseases that pregnant women suffer from

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2. Add water-containing food into the daily diet

In addition to drinking water daily, pregnant women need to add water through many other foods such as vegetables and fruits.  In particular, fruit juices are good for pregnant women because they not only contain water but also contain essential nutrients for both mother and baby

3. Make appropriate movements

You should not sit much during pregnancy, but you should not stand much since this can cause more pressure on the anal area. Therefore, make appropriate movements daily, including changing many different positions like standing, sitting, lying toward a direction, lying on back and walking

4. Use lubricating gel

After going to the toilet, you can use special lubricating gel to treating hemorrhoids inside the anal canal. However, make sure you do it properly and do gently so as not to scratch the skin and not to make infections

5. Use skinny medicines made from Hamamelis virginiana (Hamamelidaceae)

Hazel concoction has a natural astringent effect. Simply, you just need to use sterile cotton to absorb hazel concoction and apply it gently into the anus. Do it every evening before going to bed and check the efficiency of this hemorrhoids cure.

6. Use arnica

Treating hemorrhoids by Arnica is also quite simple. Give one spoon of Arnica in one liter of clean water. Then, pour the mixture into a bottle. Use cotton to absorb this solution to apply to the anus 2 times a day without washing again.

7. Take a bath with warm water

Taking a warm bath is also one of 10 effective tips for curing hemorrhoids during pregnancy. If you cannot take warm baths several times a day, try to relax your body in a warm bath in the morning and again in the evening before bedtime.

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8. Eat fiber rich foods

Diet has significant contributions in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. Fruits and vegetables are fiber rich foods which are the best for pregnant women to supplement their daily diet. You can cook them in many different ways (such as steaming, baking…) so that you never get bored with menus made from vegetables and fruit

9. Use baby wipes

Pregnant women with hemorrhoids should avoid using normal toilet paper. Instead, use baby wipes to limit the damages and irritation for anal skin both inside and outside

10. No refrain from defecation

Lastly but very importantly, you should not refrain from defecating. If you feel uncomfortable and need to go to the restroom, do not refrain. Please let’s go to “solve” your problem immediately, otherwise the excrement will be dry and hard. When you defecate, it will make your anal canal irritated and annoyed and it will create hemorrhoids, even bleeding.

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