Twelve mistakes that should be avoided when getting your child to take medicine


1.Without Consulting The Doctor

You should take your child to see the doctor and buy medicine according to the doctor’s advice. Do not listen to words of month and get your child to take medicine on your own.

2.Estimating Your Child’s Dosage On Your Own

This is dangerous, since each kind of medicine has a different pharmaceutical value whereas each child has different features, constitution. With the same kind of medicine, when prescribed, the dosage for child A differs from the dosage for child B or child C cannot take. For this knowledge, the doctor is the one who understands more thoroughly than anyone else, the mother therefore must not dose the child up with medicine.

3.Getting Your Child To Take Wrong Dosage

Always be amenable to the dosage recommended by the doctor or pharmacist, or otherwise, follow closely the directions for use printed on the package. Most medications for children are divided into small parts based on the child’s body weight. As to liquid medicines, the mother should get the child to take the full milliliters prescribed by the doctor, measure by coffee spoon or the millimeter measuring device available in the products. The best thing is the mother should make a syringe available to measure liquid medicines in exact doses.

4.Getting Your Child To Take Overdosage

Normally this mistake occurs repeatedly with a mother who is tending to a newly-born baby. Since the child is still too small to tell the mom that it has taken the medicine. Therefore, due to overoccupiedness or worries, you sometimes forget whether the child has taken medicine on time or not. To reduce this trouble, you should highlight this by ticking the child’s administration schedule sheet every time it has finished one serving. If any serving fails due to forgetfulness, absolutely not automatically double the dosage at the following serving for compensation. Instead of this, you should report to the doctor or pharmacist for advice.

5.Getting Your Child To Take Two Doses Too Close Together 

Roadmap is also very essential in the way you get your child to take medicine safely. Instead of taking at random, not on a fixed time, you get your child to take medicine according to the doctor’s strict schedule. Do not push two servings too close together.

6.Getting Your Child To Take Wrong Medicine

Always read the directions for use, compositions and shelf life printed on the package. Avoid placing disorderly between one bottle and another in order to ensure safety for the health of the beloved child and the whole family. Get into the habit of checking the family medicine cabinet and handling the medicines that expire on a periodical basis. Outdated medicines are not only less effective but also latent with immeasurable risks.

7.Ceasing To Get Your Child To Take Medicine When The Symptom Ease Up

Many kinds of medicine require taking full dosage, however, some patients after a period of administration notice that their symptoms have eased up thereby  stopping or due to forgetting that they fail to take full dosage. The ancients had a saying that “rice three bowls, medicine three descriptions” which purports that medicines must be taken in doses. Medicines must be used on time, in strict compliance with biological rhythms so as to bring their efficacy into fullest play.

8.Abusing Antibiotics 

Sometimes we consider antibiotics as “all-purpose remedy”, as soon as having the flu or a cough – take antibiotics; catching a fever – take antibiotics immediately. But not getting a disease due to viruses, then using antibiotics is unnecessary. Using antibiotics too much will not only affect the feeling of good appetite but also kill intestinal micro-organic enzymes, thus having certain effect on the digestive function.

9.Getting Your Child To Take Syrup Too Close To Meals and Before Sleeping

Syrup with its sugar content will make the child feel not hungry and sugar sticks to the teeth will expose the child to tooth decay when sleeping.

10.Getting Your Child To Take Medicine Together With Milk, Fruit Juices

Your child should take medicine with filtered water only, since several medicines will react with milk, fruit juices to create precipitants harmful to the child’s body.

11.Getting Your Child To Take Antipyretic Too Soon

Only when the child has a temperature over 380C should you get it to take antipyretic at 4 – 6 hour intervals. The dosage will be subject to the child’s weight and prescription must be directed by the doctor.

12.Taking No Heed To Shelf Life And Storage Directions 

In case of using outdated medicines or the medicines stored not as directed, these will become toxic drugs, adverse to curing diseases and even becoming a danger. If medicines are not kept with care, not out of the reach of children, then some hyperactive children may play, take the medicines, and get poisoned.

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