Wearing perfume during pregnancy?

Perfume During Pregnancy

According to researches of Edinburgh University, week 9 -12 of pregnancy is vital time for genitals development. During this time, if the fetus has to contact with chemicals in cosmetics, the sperm production in the future will be affected.

Using perfume or fragrance might cause allergy for pregnant women. Some people, after applying a small amount, get rashes and then black spots on skin.

Most of perfume today contain artificial musk which might lead to miscarriage. Researchers from Japan said that they had made an experiment with breast milk, lipid and they found the existence of artificial musk. Fetuses and newborns are easily affected by them and get diseases. Thus, be careful if you want to use fragrance cosmetics during pregnancy.

Besides, fragrance perfume comes from another person also has influence on sensitive women, as well as smoke from cigarette. It might cause dizziness, sore throat or weeping…

The effects of wearing perfume during pregnancy
  • Asthma: 75% of asthma patients in America link to fragrance, especially babies and
  • Memory impairment: wearing unoriginal perfume for such a long time in closed environment might cause bad effect to the brain and the memory.
  • Chemicals in perfume can go through blood vessels and cause discomfort symptoms such as dizziness, headache, sneezing, weeping, chest tightness…for sensitive person.
  • Alcohol in perfume causes bad mood and affects respiratory system.
  • Artificial musk in perfume might lead to miscarriage.

There is no specific perfume products for pregnant women because of the essential chemical components. They might be very harmful for the fetus health. So, to have a safe pregnancy, say good bye to fragrance cosmetics and perfumes during 9 months and breastfeeding period.

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