What is the best way to drink water after getting up in the morning?


Drinking water properly after getting up will not only be good for your health but also make you feel more spiritually elevated.

1.What is the best way to drink water in the morning?

  • You had better drink water when your stomach is still empty, that means before breakfast so as to speed up blood circulation, body cleansing and digestive cleansing.
  • When drinking , you should drink in small sips, because drinking too fast and too much will be likely to result in hypotension, cerebral edema and lead to headache, nausea, water chocking

2.What kind of water to drink in the morning?

  • Cool boiled water
    After boiling, all bacteria will be killed in a high temperature, whereas such elements as magnesium, calcium in water will provide the body with numerous nutrilites, particularly the ones with the effect of cardiovascular disease prevention.
  • Cool boiled water (if in winter, add some hot water to obtain room temperature) has the effect of minimizing intestinal stimulus. Cool boiled water 20 – 25oC is the best, as it contains bioactive which will osmose through cell membranes to speed up metabolism, strengthen functions of the immune system of the body. Drinking cool boiled water also helps in improving metabolic states, reducing lactic acid accumulated in muscular system thus reducing the feeling of muscle fatigue. Besides, Ca, Mg in cool boiled water are also very good for health.
  • Mineral water, spring water
    It has been recommended by scientists to drink a glass of mineral water in the morning. As mineral water is the source of unprocessed water coming from natural underground rock ledges, it is very good for health. In addition, calcium and magnesium in mineral water help the body prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Honey water
    After getting up in the morning, let’s drink a little honey water. Most water in the body after a night’s sleeping has excreted and been absorbed; when we are hungry, a glass of honey water will complement water and supplement nutrients.
  • Diluted lemon juice
    After rising, we should have a glass of a glass of fresh lemon juice diluted with cool boiled water before meal. This glass of water will not only help in neutralizing acids, alkali in the Board of Directors in the best way but also is an effective solution to people suffering from halitosis.

3.What kinds of water you should not drink in the morning?

  • Slightly saline water:
    Many people believe that after rising in the morning taking a glass of slightly saline water will be good for their health. Nevertheless, this is not a correct way of thinking. Research has shown that when we get a night’s sleep, without drinking any drop of water, while breathing, perspiring, excreting still going on; these physiological activities consume a lot of water. Drinking slightly saline water aggravates water escape through osmosing, making us lack more water, the mouth dried, more thirsty. On the other hand, early morning is the time our blood pressure is always higher than usual, drinking slightly saline water will increase blood pressure, it’s very dangerous to people suffering from hypertension.
  • Fruit juices:
    Some people believe that a glass of fresh fruit juice after rising in the morning will have the effect of refreshing and adding nutrients. This conception is not correct. Taking a glass of fruit juice at this moment won’t provide the most necessary water part for the body, furthermore, in the state of lacking water, the intestinal “has to” go on with its function, thus not good for health.
  • Carbonated beverages:
    All carbonated beverages should not be used in the morning. Since these drinks contain carbonates, which speeds up the process of eliminating calcium in blood. Drinking these kinds of drinks in the morning on a regular basis may be one of the cause of your calcium deficiency.

4.What temperature is drinking water?

A lot of people get into the habit of drinking water in the morning and think that it is an effective method to create a spiritual buoyancy. As a matter of fact, too cold water is not good for health, since at this time the stomach is being empty, too cold or too hot water will stimulate and causes uncomfortableness to the stomach.

From the Chinese traditional medicine point of view, constantly drinking cold filtered water early in the morning after rising will make women be likely to suffer from bellyache, menstrual block, men suffer from decrease in physiological ability such as impotency, premature ejaculation…

The best way, therefore, is to choose the water with temperature equal to room temperature. Nevertheless, in winter, you should drink warm water to ensure good health. Numerous researches have shown that cool boiled water at 20 – 250C is most ideal, as it can still retain the elements beneficial to health, amoses through cell membranes and speed up new metabolic process, strengthen the immune system.

5.How much drink is enough?

How much is enough for a glass of water in the morning? If every day you need 7 – 8 glasses of water (equal to 2 liter of water a day), then each morning, you need to complement 300ml of water to help the body maintain healthy for a day. This volume of water may be increased or decreased, depending on body movement volume and climate temperature.

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