What to do when your baby cries?


Whenever your baby cries, for any reason, soothing him/her is necessary because it shows your love and your will to get closer. Crying is just a natural reaction of the body to the unpleasantness and helps the baby feel better.

There are many ways of crying and mother should take time to learn about them. But do not let your child be an over pampered one. Soothing the baby too much right after crying will make him or her unable to calm down himself. However, if you do nothing, the baby might get hurt or get hungry unnecessarily. When you make your baby feel better, he or she can understand your love. If you do not know how to soothe a crying baby, see these advices below:

Soothe right away when:

  • The baby is hungry.
  • The baby is tired or gets a fever.
  • The baby is scratched or gets hurt.
  • The baby is scared.

Do not soothe if:

  • The baby has a bad temper and ask for many things.
  • The baby is tired but do not want to sleep.
  • The baby (especially toddler) is trying to draw your attention but fail. However, when your baby is grow up, he or she will understand that you are ignoring and stop crying.

Effective ways of soothing:

  • Feeding: The first reaction of hunger is crying for food and experienced mothers can notice easily. You should make a feeding schedule to avoid your baby from starving.
  • Hugging: Until now, the best way to soothe a crying baby is picking up and hugging. Singing, playing, talking with your baby in an quiet environment can help very much.
  • Putting on fresh diaper: With new born, be put on fresh diaper could bring safe feeling and help him/her go to sleep easily.
  • Bathing: Some babies hate feeling dirty, so he or she will cry about it. You should bath the baby in tub with warm water, your baby will get comfortable and stop crying.
  • Using toys: When the baby cries, you should let your child play with colorful and noisy toys to distract him or her from crying.
  • Rocking the crib: When the baby feels the slightly movements of the crib or in your arms, he will be very pleasant.
  • Taking out: Some babies are bored with the plain surroundings and cry out loud. Let’s take your child to another room or new space for exploring. The baby will stop crying and has fun right away. If you take the baby outside, make sure it is safe and remember to prepare all the necessary stuff for any circumstances.

There is no baby that never cry, so that soothing is essential and mother should be well prepared to deal with it. The most important thing is to make the baby feel your love. Little by little, you will understand your child and figure out what the best way of soothing is. If you are interested, show Tipsmom how you calm your baby down and your own experience in soothing.

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