How to choose the best shoes for pregnant women?


Pregnancy is a period your feet have to bear the most pressure as they have to support the whole body which has gained too much weight within a short time, probably over 20 kg throughout the period. Therefore, in order to prevent your feet from being overloaded, choosing footwear during pregnancy has become important to any pregnant woman. In addition, a pair of shoes smooth to the feet, tidy and perhaps with good heel grips also helps the pregnant woman prevent risks of falling. This is very dangerous, particularly during the last months, when the belly grows so large that it changes your gravity center, which results in frequent collisions, imbalance.

Together with the weight, your body increases rapidly within that short period, your legs begin to grow bigger. Apart from the reason of gaining weight, the intervention of hormone relaxi loosens tendons, muscles, and makes your feet swell considerably. By then, the old pairs of shoes in previous sizes fit your feet no more. Wearing tight shoes during pregnancy makes your feet under coercion within a very sultry space, making it possible for the water stagnancy very common in pregnant women to have a good chance of prevailing.

In addition, when expecting a child, the woman is very likely to suffer from varicose veins, causing subcutaneous veins swell and ache. To reduce this condition, experts’ advice is that pregnant woman should opt for thick socks and should not put too tight shoes on. These are the causes why you should be determined to purchase new pairs of shoes which can fit your feet and help the legs support the body better.

Six secrets for choosing, buying and storing footwear for pregnant women

Choosing size

Pregnant women should choose correct shoe size, in both length and width. Length is counted from the heel to the longest toe, plus 2-3cm for the sake of comfort. Width, or the largest part of the shoe, is respective to the measure from the big toe to the little toe in the adjoining section between the toes and instep.

One of the pregnant woman’s mistakes is to choose large-sized shoes for “wastage tolerance”. This is not good for your health since shoes, sandals larger than your feet may cause pains in other parts such as the neck, heels, toes, and even shanks or knee joints. That’s why women should buy shoes for the first 6 months and for 3 months by the end of the gestation, since at these two periods, there will be distinctive change in the feet, particularly the size.

Choosing per style and material

Pregnant women should not choose shoes with redundant knotted-strings which will cause difficulties when wearing as they’ll be covered by the pregnant belly. Instead, doll shoes or sandals with rubber straps will be very convenient for your travel. The suitable materials of shoes, sandals for pregnant women are the soft, highly elastic, water-absorbing, airy and cool ones. Soft materials help pregnant women move around smoothly and comfortably. Shoes with airy net design help pregnant woman’s feet perspire in an easy and comfortable manner. Also, shoes, sandals for pregnant women with air-beds in the parts of the foot will keep the women from feeling aches and pains when traveling a lot. By then the weight on the feet will spread, creating not too much pressure on any certain point, facilitating blood circulation and good for the mother and the fetus’s growth.

Shoe height

Most scientists’ advice is that when pregnant, you should not wear high heel shoes since this may cause pains in your back. That the fetus is growing bigger and bigger make it difficult for you to maintain a balance when moving a lot around, to feasts or wedding parties where there are large crowds of people may cause you to fall.

Which is best for pregnant women are shoes with heel height below 4cm. Do not choose pointed or long toe shoes which will cause difficulty for the pregnant woman in each step of hers.

Buying at the right time

The best time for buying shoes is in the afternoon or in the evening, since the foot size in the afternoon or in the evening will be larger in the morning. If buying shoes in the morning, you may feel they fit your feet well, but in the afternoon or in the evening you feel tight as much traveling during the day will make your feet expand. And you should divide your time into two periods for buying shoes: the first 6 months for the first buy and the following 3 months for the second buy, as during these two periods, there will be distinctive changes.

Choosing high friction shoe heels

High friction shoes are badly needed for the choice of pregnant women as they create safety, firmness when moving. Do not continue wearing the shoes with no more friction, since they would cause danger to both the mother and the child in the case the mother loses her footing or falls.

Following sanitation rules

During pregnancy, as the two feet will perspire a lot, pregnant women should follow strictly sanitation rules. Replace shoes at least twice a day, wash and keep the feet dry on a regular basis. In addition, shoes should be put in an airy place for at least 8 hours before storing in the shoe cabinet. Xeraphium may be further added by spreading it onto shoes, sandals to keep them always dry, clear, with bad smell reduced, slip-resistant.



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The 6 best shoes for pregnant women

Tipsmom will give you examples of the best shoe models for pregnant women. Whether in whatever gestation as you may be, if using these shoes, your feet will silently thank you for indulging them with putting them on these wonderful shoes.



Colors: Aqua, Black, Navy, Grey, Turquoise, Burgundy, Natural, Stone, Navy/White, Black/White, Hot Pink, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Purple, Red/Blue, Black/Hot Pink, Black/Pink, Hot Pink/Lime Nite Pwl, Navy/Light Blue

Sizes: 5-11 (US)

These are really a pair of wonderful shoes with very many advantages such as very light weight; firm, very durable and enduring cloth bonding layers. Using them is also very easy, as you can walk immediately after putting them on regardless of other factors. They can support almost every movement of the feet, thus enabling you to feel most comfortable. Moreover, there also are numerous fine and jolly colours for your choice and combination with other things.

The Skechers GoWalk should be the starting point for any woman looking for pregnancy footwear. I recommend getting them from Amazon; they’re always cheaper than I found anywhere else.


Colors:  Black, Antique Brown, Blueberry, Wine, Black Oiled, Espresso Full Grain, Hickory Cabrio, White Box Leather

Sizes: 4-14 (US)

If you doing the kind of job which entails moving a lot, then this is your right choice. Made of high-class leather, these shoes are very durable whilst using them is also extremely easy. These shoes will permit you to spend more time concentrating on your career and to reduce time worrying about your feet.


Colors:  Black, White, Taupe/Blue, Charcoal/Yellow/White, White/Purple, Grey/Neon Pink, Taupe/Slate Blue/Natural, Natural Olive

Sizes: 5-11 (US)

When needing a pair of shoes to do your light exercises, this is your right choice. There is a wide range of colours for you to choose and with their light weight, a structure can embrace tightly your feet, your feet will be best protected to support your body weight.

  • Summer shoes and sandals:

1. Crocs Classic Womens/Ladies Clogs


Colors:  Pepper, Magenta, Gree, Pool

Sizes: 4-14 (US)

When summer comes and pregnant women need to have pairs of shoes that can make them feel comfortable with their feet, then Crocs Classic Clog can meet that end. With a light plastic design featuring numerous air vents, the wearer will feel comfortable and clear with her feet. Moreover, the durable quality, water resistance, good friction heel shoes will make pregnant women’s travels safe, even under raining and slippery conditions. In addition, there is a wide range of colours for pregnant women to choose (click here to check them out in 15 colors).

2. Vionic with Orthaheel Tide Sequins


Colors:  Black, Bronze, SIlver, Gold, White, Rose

Sizes: 4-14 (US)

This is a good choice for pregnant women in summer. The soft and firm rubber soles will enable the feet to remain comfortable and free without weary if standing for long. Though back there are no straps available to hold the heel, on the surface there are round protruding grains which help increase friction to the sole of the heel to prevent slip or looseness when in use. (click here to check them out in 15 colors).



Colors:  Black, Charcoal, Chestnut, Chocolate

Sizes: 5-11 (US)

In winter, when it is cold, pregnant women will need a pair of shoes which can keep their feet warm and also make them feel comfortable, safe when going out, then Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk City Winter Boot will be the right choice. With the neck high, embracing the feet tightly, the sole made of hard plastic, designed with numerous good friction and road gripping grooves, the weaver can walk on snow without fearing slip.

Tipsmom hopes that this article is helpful for you. If you have some useful experience, please let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks a lot!

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