Should or shouldn’t expectant mothers use mouthwash during pregnancy?


Do you have the habit of using mouthwash after brushing your teeth? Many people have already had this habit. This is a good habit which is encouraged by most of the dentists. However, is this habit good for pregnant women? Is using mouthwash during pregnancy really good?

During pregnancy, because of hormonal changes, many mothers have to face with their oral health problems such as gums, tooth decay and tooth erosion, etc. Besides, pregnant mother having oral health issues will have risks to suffer miscarriage from 4 to 7 times as high as those with normal oral health. Therefore, it is particularly necessary for pregnant women to pay attention to their oral health.

Basically, after every meal, especially after eating sweets you should rinse your mouth with clean water. You should regularly use floss dental for oral hygiene and brush at least 2 times per day. Many dentists also recommend using mouthwash to eliminate bacteria on the teeth, gums and tongue. Moreover, mouthwash has a certain fluoride concentration which helps to remove plaque and to prevent tooth decay. The use of mouthwash is totally normal and is also recommended by dentists to protect teeth during non-pregnancy.

However, there is a certain amount of alcohol (usually between 21-26%) in the mouthwash because alcohol helps anti-bacteria ingredients in the mouthwash operate more efficiently. According to the American Pediatric experts, alcohol causes negative effects on the development of the fetus, especially reduces child’s cognitive abilities later and causes birth defects.

Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to use mouthwash during pregnancy.


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