Should or shouldn’t go to cinema during pregnancy?

For many people, movies are always strongly attractive and going to the cinema to see the latest movies (blockbusters) seems to become a regular entertainment habit. But during the pregnancy, should pregnant mothers go to the cinema? Does it affect fetus? That is the most common question that many women wonder during pregnancy.

Fetuses are very sensitive to external activities affecting the mother’s body, so mothers should be careful with the factors that negatively influence the development of the baby when going to the cinema.

Being too crowded:

Of course, if pregnant mothers go to see the blockbusters, it is sure that there will be a large number of spectators who also like those movies. When in the overcrowded places, pregnant mothers will have a high risk of respiratory infection. Moreover, in the process of moving to the theaters, pregnant mothers are likely to suffer from some collisions which can affect fetuses.

Loud sound:

Violent action films or horror films often have big sound to impress viewers. The various details of a film also cause certain psychological effects. Watching a 2-3-hour theater movie will make pregnant women stressful, thereby leading to some negative impacts on the fetuses. When being exposed to loud sounds with constant intensity, the majority of babies will have strong motor responses. If this situation is prolonged, it will make them little tired.

Weak light:

Watching a movie in a dark room with only one main light source from the screen will cause a pregnant woman’s eyesight to be affected. If regularly, there will increasingly be a decrease in the pregnant woman’s eyesight, which makes their health no longer be guaranteed.

Foods at the cinema:

Most of the food at the cinema is fast food and soft drinks – they are what women should avoid during pregnancy because they do not have a good effect on the development of the fetuses.

Although there are many negative factors in the cinema, pregnant mothers should not worry. Everything will be all right because seeing movies is also a special time of relaxation for the mother. Try applying the following tips to stop worrying and to fully enjoy this time:

Advices for pregnant mothers to go to the theaters/cinemas

Selecting the cinema: Pregnant women should select cinemas with special care.

The number of pregnant women going to the cinema is often less than that of normal people, so most of the cinemas have no special priorities for pregnant women.

However, there are a few of cinemas paying attention to the needs of mothers and taking measures to bring convenience and security for pregnant women when arriving at the cinemas. When coming here, mothers are provided with soundproof pillows to put on their bellies to reduce sound to the ears of the fetus. Some theaters also prepare pillows for pregnant women, even those rooms for pregnant women to rest and have support staff during the screening time, which helps pregnant women feel much comfortable and helps them quickly and conveniently leave the cinemas at the end of the screening. The cinemas like these are the first choices of the pregnant mothers.

Choosing the time: Pregnant women should go to the movies in the daytime.

Doctors have advised that pregnant women should not go to the crowded places to avoid collisions, so if you want to go to the movies, mothers should pay attention to choose movies with few viewers.

The number of people going to the cinema is often according to some certain rules. For example, on weekdays, during the working time, before 18 hours, there are very few people going to the movies. Also, mothers should also pay attention to that they should not to go to the cinemas on the first weekend of opening or launching a new film because the number of people going to the cinemas this time is very crowded.

Selecting types of movies: Do not watch violent movies.

Pregnant mothers should not see the kind of movies relating to violence, horror, terror or tragedy. Suitable kinds are family dramas, emotional dramas or gentle comedies.

Before going to the movies, pregnant women should learn about everyone’s assessment about the movie or make phone calls to the cinemas for advice. They should select movie with sound effects which are not very high because action movies often have some featured sound effects easily affecting the fetuses.

Select the sitting position: They should choose the last seats near the aisle.

Mothers should choose seats next to the aisle in the last row because these positions are seldom chosen. This helps mothers avoid the inconvenience from many passersby. Furthermore, exits are often arranged in the last row, in some urgent cases mothers can quickly escape from the cinemas.

When you have an unclear pregnant belly, you should tell the staff at the theaters/cinemas so that they remember your sitting position and have special attention.

Going to the cinemas with your family:

Pregnant Mothers should not to go to the cinemas alone, even when not having an unclear pregnant belly. It is the best to go with a friend or family member because if there is what happened, it will also be easy to for you to handle it. Enjoy a relaxing time with your family to increase more emotional connections between members. Do you believe that the baby in the womb will soon feel a special affection by her/his own?

When watching movies at the theaters, pregnant women should avoid fast food and soft drinks. Do not go to the cinemas when having just finished eating. After eating, it takes time to digest food. If you go to the cinema, your brain is required to work, so the amount of blood in the body given to the stomach is reduced significantly, which affects the process of digestion process and absorption function. This entirely has a negative effect on the development of the fetuses.

In spite of many negative factors on the fetus, if you follow the tips above, mothers can comfortably watch their favorite movies without having to worry. The mothers should relax and spiritual factors are important. The changes in different environments will also help children develop more fully.

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